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For the most part you all have caught on without this post, but there have been a few habitual offenders that forced me to say this.

Everyone will get a couple of warnings from here on out, after that I just start deleting threads.

Again if you have any questions, PM me or one of the other mods.
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    Originally posted by quadnie

    That's kinda rare to hear, suprised you haven't rosted your stock block yet
    how many guys do you know of that have blown an f22a engine on a 75shot?

    if you keep it in good condition, it'll be fine. hell, mine's had a tick since the day i bought it at 125k, now i'm at 200k and still going

    Juiced member....
    05' will be the year of the accord.


      That's pretty good to know. I still haven't ran mine on the 75 shot... the 50 shot did just fine with the cars I smoked lol. I'm at 110k and my car is still running really good. I have a lot of crap done, but the engine seems to take the power really well so I'll have to put in the 75 shot and see how it goes. I'm just wondering do you have your timing retarded at all or any other safety measures for the nitrous? All I have is two step colder plugs, and I'm not getting any detonation so I think I'm alright.


        nope, my timing is still the same as stock.

        i haven't had any detonation thus far.

        BUMP IT UP TO 75!

        Juiced member....
        05' will be the year of the accord.


          Next time I go home I'll switch the jet out, get my bottle refilled, and hit up the track. The only thing close is a eighth mile track so that'll have to do.


            I had h22 with f22 tranny and a 55 dry zex shot and was hitting 13.7'z @ 105- I just upgraded to a h22 tranny(2 days ago) new exidy stage 3 clutch(two days ago) and a dry 80 shot(two days ago),fluidine radiator(two days ago), walbro 255 fuel pump (yet to install),aem fpr(yet to install) and underdrive pully(yet to install)...I WILL hit 12's by wendsday
            h22a with zex- 13.8


              Good luck man. Did you notice a pretty big difference with the new tranny?