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    SPC Balljoint Kit Review

    Back about 9000 miles ago, I slapped on a set of 205/50-17 Kumho Ecsta SPT tires. I was running my Eibach Pro-Kit springs and KYB AGX shocks.
    6000 miles ago, I switched to a set of Neuspeed Race springs with the same shocks.
    700 miles ago, the cords were showing on my Kumhos.

    I asked cp[mike] how his SPC balljoints were serving him. After his approval of the product, I purchased a set off eBay for about 160 dollars shipped.

    The procedure, highlighted in this DIY, is really very simple. I used only the tools I carry in my car, with the exception of a ball joint separator and a hydraulic press. The press can be foregone and a hammer can be used in its place.

    The outside of the tire looked fine...

    But the inside...

    Simple tools...


    The procedure took about 3 hours, but that included cleaning every part I touched, taking pictures, and talking to the neighbors.

    But who cares about that part. The product is the point of this thread.

    The SPC ball joint is a beefy unit. Based on nothing other than impressive mass, I feel like I can place confidence in this product. It comes pre-greased and pretty well sealed up. The upper portion of the ball joint slides inwards/outwards along a slot that is pressed (or hammered) into the upper A arm. Once proper camber adjustment is achieved via the sliding mechanism, the top nut is torqued to 120 ft lbs.

    The party piece of the unit is that top nut. SPC made the overall height of the nut very small in an attempt to lessen the fender banging caused by taller ball joints or anchor kits. The stud and nut, however, have a very high pitch count, making up for the flatness of the nut.

    On to the product pictures:

    Installation tip, the instructions suggest that the slot be aimed precisely outwards. Grab a square, line it up with the upper a-arm to chassis studs, and line the slot up with that.

    It's very easy to be thrown off by the asymmetry of the a-arm.

    I got an alignment the following day. 80 dollars later, my camber was right and my toe was corrected. Since then, I've driven about 1500 miles and I have yet to hit the fender once with the ball joint. Several hundred of those miles included 5 passengers and luggage. Granted I'm running the drop-killing AGX shocks, but I'm still very pleased.

    I'm now running General Altimax HP tires in 215/45-17. I'll write a review for those once I have a little more experience with them. Zero signs of wear, though.

    Very interesting facts, data, and write-up as I am in need of a set myself.

    Comtemplated on these since MANY have stated the "banging/knocking" noises.

    Please continue to keep US ALL INFORMED!


      I agree with everything TheNextEpisode says. I would also like to add that when you take your car to get aligned you MUST insist that they adjust the camber via the upper balljoint. Once they get it in spec they will be able to tighten it down and then not have to worry about it again. The first time I went to get aligned the shop didn't even touch the UBJ, even after I told them that it need adjustment.

      Also, unless you are running approximately a 0 finger gap or less with 15" rims then you won't bang. That has been my case at least.

      And yeah, on a helluva write up.

      Originally posted by Maple50175
      Oh here we go again. Maples other half.


        very nice kit, right?? glad you had good luck with it and actually took the time to make sure it was installed properly, ive heard of a number of people installing these without the slot being perpendicular to the car.... silly people!!

        and good to hear that your UCAs arent banging, i would assume it is because you arent dropped THAT far, plus both of yours use the newer slim nut. the only side that bangs on my car is the side with the older tall nut.

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          i think that cambers on r cb7? r not gonna work? true or false


            any banging man!!!??? i need help on cambers


              Before people jump on you, I highly suggest reading this thread fully and then read the link I'm posting.


              Also, it would be a good idea to try and type out your question in a little more legible fashion. I'm not even exactly sure what you are asking.

              Originally posted by Maple50175
              Oh here we go again. Maples other half.


                I actually have these on mine, and am overall happy with them. However, my right side does bang, and my left doesn't. Weird.
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                  I've been running this kit for nearly 3 years now. I love it. And I have the older style with the taller nut. Still doesn't hit.

                  My swap thread
                  Main relay proplems?--DIY


                    Originally posted by 4CYLPOWER92 View Post
                    I've been running this kit for nearly 3 years now. I love it. And I have the older style with the taller nut. Still doesn't hit.
                    I dont think you're low enough for it to hit. People who slam their cars have this problem, like I had.

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                      so do you have to buy them separate? everywhere i see they are sold separately
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                        ^^^ I've seen them sold in pairs, mostly. Try eBay?

                        It must just be that we're not low enough to really have a problem with banging. That said, anyone with questions regarding neuspeed race springs and camber kit banging have their answer.

                        And thank you Tnwagn for clearing that up.

                        EDIT: well technically the pair is just two individual balljoints taped together.


                          glad to know this because you have the exact same setup and "HAD" the exact same problem I "AM" having now. this is going to be my next buy for the suspension.

                          Originally posted by Devergote
                          A CB7 with an H22, a clean paintjob, HIDs with a projector retrofit, some nice wheels, and a mild drop on H&R Sport springs and Koni Yellow shocks... that's the perfect car. I'd be happy with that for the rest of my life.


                            where can you get this kit from? how much?


                              I have only ever seen them sold in pairs on eBay


                              I will rep Summit Racing till the day I die. Alternatively, you can try to get lucky with eBay.

                              Originally posted by Maple50175
                              Oh here we go again. Maples other half.