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FatFourCustoms / Fastbrakes issue...

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    FatFourCustoms / Fastbrakes issue...

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    92 cb7 coupe...

    So when I attempt to insert the LCA connecting bolt through the rearmost LCA it comes into contact with the fastbrakes rear big brake kit adapter

    has anybody had this issue? does anyone have a workaround or suggestion as to what options would be best to keep the suspension and brakes intact?

    not looking to trim or shave the brake adapter but those LCA’s look pretty beefy and could likely handle a few mils of clearancing.

    Hoping for some feedback guys

    I have the rear LCA, but not the fastbrakes. Start shaving is all I can say Looks like the big brake kit could of used an angle on the corner vs. 90deg too.


      The brake bracket bolts come through the corner and nuts go there to hold everything in place... kinda sceptical on shaving the control arm but it is beefy so...


        Agreed. If you had to shave something I'd to the LCA. But not that the brake bracket is under a lot of load. Probably 200x less load than that LCA. Got any better pics of this area?


          wow, that's pretty much right on top of each other.

          I wonder if swapping in the CD5 (94-97) rear subframe and knuckles would solve this. They are dimensionally the same, but the longer rear control arms were moved forward by 1.5 inches, I am guessing that would be just the right amount of gap in just the right place. But I could be completely wrong, and that is a TON of work only to perhaps find that it doesnt work. Maybe buy just a single rear knuckle from a junkyard, just to see how the components fit together?

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