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What performance shock options are left?

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    What performance shock options are left?

    Koni Yellows (Sport) are discontinued, leaving only the Orange (STR.T) as an option.
    Tokico is defunct (as a suspension company, anyway).
    Bilstein doesn’t seem to support the chassis at all anymore.
    KYB AGX is still available, though that was generally the worst option for a drop.

    What else is out there for the CB anymore? Aside from full coilovers, that is. There are still some decent options left there (and plenty of junk.)

    The damper options have dwindled in past few years. I think the KYB and STR.T are likely the last few that are available. It does look like Bilstein makes a damper for the 4th and 5th gen Accords, but I haven’t ever really heard of anyone running them.