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Trying to pin down sourcing for 40/40 proportioning valves

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    Trying to pin down sourcing for 40/40 proportioning valves

    Been digging through multiple sources trying to id exactly which Civic/Integra years, lines and models had 4 wheel disc / non ABS brake systems and had the correct 40/40 proportioning valve to use in a 90/91 CB 7/9 rear drum to disc conversion. What's turned up to date is below, but there's conflicting info out there (what else is new?).

    Am trying to avoid wasting tons of time in the yards - if anyone can confirm or refute any of this info (or make any additions) , it would be appreciated.
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    I've been wanting to put together an adjustable wildwood prop valve kit... Unfortunately my race car doesn't have original any thing and I want to keep the street car ABS. I could work around the ABS to make a drop in adjustable prop valve kit. Any interest in that?
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