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***Wheel & Tire Thread Index*** Look here FIRST

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    ***Wheel & Tire Thread Index*** Look here FIRST

    The second round has begun... an index for the FAQ of the wheel & tire forum. If you have a suggestion, or something to add, please PM me.

    This will be continually updated as I have time, so please keep checking back. If you would like to add information, a link, pictures etc to any of the individual threads, reply in them and I will check as much as I can to keep them updated with the latest information.

    Wheel lug pattern

    Wheel lug pattern on our accords is 4x114.3

    Some cars that have the same pattern (will work)

    4cyl accord (94-01?)
    98-99 acura 2.3 cl
    92-96 prelude
    89-98 240sx (4-lug)
    93-01 Altima
    00-07 Sentra
    97-99 CL
    02-06 Lancer
    82-86 Supra
    96 Integra Type-R

    ...and MANY other 80's Nissan/Toyota wheels.
    (200sx, Corolla, Maxima, Celica, etc)

    Cars that wont work
    civics and integras have a lug pattern of 4x100
    some wrx's have 4x108

    wheels with 8 holes
    Some wheels that fit on civics/tegs will fit our cars due to the fact that they have 8 lug holes in total. It is usually the combo of 4x100 and 4x114.3, but I would suggest asking the person who you are getting them from, or test fit them.

    5-Lug Conversion Threads - Dont like 4-lugs, swap to 5 for a bigger rim selection.

    All Prelude Parts
    * General Tire Tech guide by TireRack© - Answers some basic and common questions about tires.

    Threads courtesy of our own Uncle Elliot - props on the great writeups

    * Wheel offset - want to run a wide wheel on your car? How about sporting a wide lip, read up here.

    * Learn the wheel lingo - Deep dish, Lip, Dish.. what do they mean?

    * Wheel Repair - I bent a wheel, where can I get it fixed?
    * How do I get rid of Understeer? - FWD cars have understeer. See how to get your car to handle more neutrally

    * How much do the popular wheels weigh?

    * Tire size calculator - Want to know what a different size tire will do to your spedometer?

    Another calculator - Quite a few more functions than the one above.

    **keywords: tire calculator, tire size calculator, wheel weight, miata calculator, understeer, wheel offset, deep dish lip, lug pattern, lug size, wheel lugs, wheel nut
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