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What Rubber Are You Running?

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    What Rubber Are You Running?

    Figured since I didnt see this here i would start it. This should be stickied for future refrence!

    Ok Rate Your Tire setup on a scale of 1 to ten with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best, post with or without pics, please state your full tire size, and a brief description of what you thought about the tire(s).

    Kuhmo 795 185/70/14 2 out of 10
    These tires were extremely cheap which is a plus but did not last very long when driven aggresively and were about effective as 4 sticks of butter in the rain. I would not buy them ever agian unless i went broke agian.

    Michelin X-Ice 185/70/14 8 out of 10
    I highly recommend this long lasting winter tires to anybody. They survived alot of snow this winter, even after getting messed up after i burned them out agianst a wall Cornering is iffy and is not attempted. These tires have served their purpose and are extremely good winter tires.

    There is your example now get posting and try to keep it on topic please!

    195-60-15 Michelin Energy MXV4 Plus. I rate the tires at about a 8.5. Lose points for soft sidewall, so potholes always win. They bubble easy. Grip, Handling, and performance, the best. Fresh too.
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      on my 17x7 rims

      i had kumho 711
      really nice tires, those r my first aftermarket tires, and im lookin to get the same in 195-50-15
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        205/55/15 Toyo Proxes 4. 9/10.

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          205/55/15 Yokahoma Avid V4s. I rate them prolly 8/10
          97 Yamaha YZF600R

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            205/40/17 Nexen N3000 (came with the rims from

            would give them a 8/10
            3 CB's gone....
            1 WK Overland....

            Still miss the CB though......maybe one day.


              BF Goodrich Sports 205/60/15

              rating? 9/10

              wet traction is good but not the best in the world. dry traction = tire hoppage unless i pop the clutch at 5k.
              stiff sidewallas and affordable pricetag
              I <3 G60.

              0.5mm Oversized Stainless valves and bronze guides available. Pm me please.


                Enduro 606 195/60/15 - cheap and reliable. 8/10

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                  Also I Had a set of Yokohama Avid H4S 195/60/15. I give it an 8/10. Really good tire. Really soft, grips well, and only gripe I had about it was it wears out a bit quick.

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                    theirs a calculation that u can use to see how close you are to stock wheel size. stock is somewhere aroudn 24 inches.

                    a 15 inch rim should have 205/55/15. thats just a bit low,

                    shit i forgot the formula. hondafan knows it


                      Dunlop SP Sport 5000 P205/55ZR15

                      I'd rate them a an 8/10.

                      Excellent grip dry and decent grip wet. I can take corners at 40-45 mph with little or no tire squeal. Slightly softer sidewalls. Relatively cheap.

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                        Originally posted by RoCknRicEr037
                        theirs a calculation that u can use to see how close you are to stock wheel size. stock is somewhere aroudn 24 inches.

                        a 15 inch rim should have 205/55/15. thats just a bit low,

                        shit i forgot the formula. hondafan knows it
                        The stock tire size actually is a 195/60-15. The Prelude was 205/55-15 if I recall.

                        This is the link you were probably looking for.


                        My tires

                        BFG Touring T/A's - 195/60-15 2 out of 10

                        Okay tire in the dry and wet, and they're decently quiet. However, the sidewall cracked on all 4 tires, requiring replacement of 3 of 4 of the tires with less than 20K miles on them. They're not all that cheap either.

                        Kelly EvoZ 215/45-17 9.5 out of 10

                        Great tire, aggressive summer tread, but yet quiet on the highway. They grip well for their treadwear of 420. They showed little sign of wear even running on a slightly lowered car for 6,000 miles. The only thing I don't like is they tend to follow ruts on the highway, but that's mainly due to the tire size and design.


                          I can't rate these as I need more tires as comparison. I don't know what a 1 is or a 10. Hopefully the Azenis will be a 10.

                          I would love to see this stickied. Or maybe another thread that combines all the reviews ever written on tires found by searching all the posts. Have it in a neat organized list by brand and then the member's quote on the tire.

                          Yokohama ES100 205/50-16 Great wet traction, good dry traction. Good sidewall. Reasonable price. Getting old now though, there are similar better tires out now.

                          Falken FK-451 205/50-16 Very similar to Yokos. Excellent wet traction. Falken's are always a good value. Lasted 30k miles, probably could have gone a little more. These have been revamped to the 452 series now.

                          Falken ZE-512 195/60-15 Current tires on EX 5th gen wheels. Very good tire for the money. I was gonna get these but size 205/55-15 with prelude wheels which are wider. But I had to settle for the 7 spoke wheels. Would have had a smaller sidewall and different rated thread. Really nothing to complain about here. $200 shipped for all 4. Very good wet weather tire. Probably would last a long time. Many people here are running these. Not a performance tire but based on reviews it seems to be better than the avg Mich, Goodyear, etc all-season tire you'll get ripped off by buying at Pepboys.

                          Falken has a new tire out, the 912. I want to hear someone buying them and posting a review.
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                          How much does your wheel/tire combo weigh? Post here!
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                            205/55/R15 Bridgestone Potenza G-III - 9/10,
                            They are well perform on dry and wet road,
                            good braking capability, i did few emergency brake,
                            conering is ok, they are low noise, thats all i can think of now.

                            205/45/ZR16 Bridgestone Potenza G-III - 7/10,
                            I dont know what is the "Z" meant but sure they
                            are some annoying noise when i turn or in cornering. And
                            they quite low profile for me, should have opted
                            50 series, again tested on dry and wet roads, no problem.


                              215/45ZR17 87W Fuzion ZRi made by Bridgestone. Rate them a 9.5/10. W-speed rating (149mph)

                              These are the best tires I've tried so far with my 17x7's. Great wet traction, great dry traction (I live in AZ its dry all the time). Works well with ABS under braking. The sidewall when cornering stays stiff and gives good feedback when driving quick. Stands up to heat well, this past summer, it reached 115 *F and didn't exhibit any bubbling in the sidewall/contact patch or tread separation issues. Tires were also about $85-$100 for this size depending on where you go.

                              Tires have worn quite well. I bought them at 142,876 and I'm at 160,611 right now. Still have about 30% tread left i'd say. Also has a cool looking tread pattern, which is also functional, probably meant for shedding water. the only gripe I would have is the sidewall is kinda chunky compared to my old Hankook Ventus HRII tires. But it also has a purpose in the event of a blowout, which I had....caused by a torn valvestem. It hugged the wheel when flat and the sidewall is VERY strong. Was pretty stable when this occured at 75 mph.

                              Ride quality is decent given the low profile 45 series. They are really quiet on this rubberized asphalt we have on some freeways in AZ. Over concrete freeways they are kinda noisy, but any tire would be im thinking, over that surface. I've taken these to over 130mph on an empty highway and they are remarkably stable and quiet at that speed as well, since the engine was screaming with my exhaust/intake/header.

                              I also heard that BFGoodrich G-force Sport's were good as well through a co-worker at Discount tire, so im probably gonna get those next. But gonna stick these out til then.

                              320 treadwear/traction:A/temp:A

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