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    Originally posted by BreckAConner View Post
    Is there a shallow oil pan for clearance?
    I didn't really look much into oil pan options since the steel one that comes on the k24 is usually the go to option. The aluminum ones are known for cracking with the slightest hit.

    Moroso I know makes one that holds like an additional quart of oil but not sure if it gives any extra clearance. It's also $400 lol. Since I'll be staying stock height I'm just gonna stick with the k24 steel one.


      You dont want a shallow oil pan. Look into dry sump kits. Pricey but cheaper and less of a hassle than swapping engines. CB oil pans hang low naturally, I have killed 3 CB engines with oil pan bangs. Def not something to play with

      Originally posted by lordoja
      im with you on that one bro! aint nothing beat free food and drinks any day of the week, even if its at a funeral


        What about a steel skid plate?

        YouTube Clicky!!


          Got some more wiring done and parts installed. After wrapping up the cooling system and relocate the battery we'll be ready for first start up.


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            what radiator did you use? i used the stock one for a cb7 and the hose is to close to throttle body, Your setup seems to be better located.

          Looking nice and simple. I love all that open space in front of the firewall. If the compression test on my F22a6 produces undesirable numbers I'll most likely be going this route mainly for the 6 speed option. Its been some time since the last post of this thread but how has this swap held up? Pretty reliable?