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1991 Accord LX - F23A auto swap

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    1991 Accord LX - F23A auto swap

    Hello, hope all is well.
    I have a 91 LX that developed a knock a year ago. I spent months waiting for a f22 on a yard to appear for me to pull it out, but most of them were either super high mileage, or people would immediately go to the yard remove the valve cover and let the engine get water and get rusted out.

    So, my only option withing my budget was a low mileage f23a.
    As Im aware, I had to buy f22b1 intake manifold with components, distributor, and p0a-a51 ECU since Im staying with the cb7 auto trans.

    My concerns are as follows:

    I know I have to modify the driver side mount for the f23a to fit, as well as grind down the front subframe for the exhaust manifold to fit.

    I found a local place that will make me an extended fuel line, and custom power steering line (I decided to use the f22b1 PS pump).

    °How can I rewire the MAP sensor wiring so I can use the one on the throttle body? Or is it there another option for me to use the one coming from the black box on the wall?

    °Whats the I.D of the vacuum hoses for the CB7? So I could buy a 2FT roll so I can extend some vacuum lines.

    Lastly, what other wires need to be modified, just the MAP and to wire VTEC pressure and solenoid from engine to ECU inside the car?

    Any other tips coule be useful.

    (PS; I have been researching about this swap for a whole month ane collecting info from everywhere, but not so many people do this swap specially using AUTO trans and keeping the CB7 harness)
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