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Surging RPM and Post Repair/Reinstallation Concern

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    Surging RPM and Post Repair/Reinstallation Concern

    Hello CB7 Family,
    i recently tackled the fix for my surging RPM. I have read a lot how to fix; reference this thread: Thanks for everyone's past comments and knowledge from your CB7 experience.

    I am almost done and i was about to put everything back together BUT I decided to replace the hoses to IACV and FITV to ensure no leaks from those little hoses. To gain more access to replace the hoses, i removed the EGR.

    HERE IS MY CONCERN: The EGR port was filthy, which is common. I sprayed some carburetor cleaner down the two ports where the EGR sat. The next morning there was a lot of dried up black debri (carbon). Needless to say, i dug most of the carbon out BUT--
    1. Will the other loose and/or hard to reach carbon in the ports near the EGR port cause damage to my engine if i start the engine to finish my surge repair?
    2. Should i remove the TB and IT Manifold and clean them?

    I am just a medium skilled car mechanic and i just dont want to remove anything and re-install it to cause more problems. lol

    It shouldn’t hurt anything, but if you want to do it the proper way and ensure it is completely done I would remove the IM and remove the plugs and clean it. If you do that might as well just got ahead and replace all the gaskets while your in there.
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      i appreciate your response.