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Pandemic and cp[mike] literally busted their asses over the last couple of weeks to make this new software a reality. Without them, this never would have happened.

So, welcome back!
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No spark, will list what I’ve done

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    No spark, will list what I’ve done

    Haven’t gotten spark at all,
    been testing all over and I’m not sure Whatsup.
    ive got a 93 Accord lx with the ignition coil separate from the distributor,
    ive tested the distributor and it still rotated and runs correctly,
    I replaced the cap just because I did happen to see some wear and some melting.
    Tested the exterior ignition coil, still nothing.
    so I replaced my spark plugs, spark wires, and main relay.
    still nothing.
    Charged up the battery, nothing.
    im not totally sure where to head next except maybe the crankshaft position sensor?
    and if that’s the case, where is that located and what does it look like from advance auto or somewhere, so I can see which one I am supposed to order.
    and just so you know have another detail, I didn’t buy cheap on anything I’ve added.

    Did you do any maintenance prior to it not starting and after you did said maintenance it no longer starts? If so what did you do?

    Also the crank position sensor is in the dizzy unit, not like civics or newer accords where it is located behind the crank pulley. So you have to replace the whole dizzy.
    how did you test them?

    i refer everyone to this video. It’s better to visually see it then me typing it out.
    FSAE (F Series Accord Enthusiasts) ..."A dying breed thats taking it to the next level" Lucky #13
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      I was actually just driving in a drive thru, and my car cut off out of nowhere.
      and now I’m not getting spark anywhere,
      tested simply by placing a spare spark plug into one of the wires and cranking to see if it gave off spark, my dad was the one with the meter reader to read volts, we checked the voltage in clips leading around the exterior ignition coil, and it seemed to read wrong so we replaced that.

      it just cut off out of nowhere and ever since hasn’t started at all.
      just cranks and cranks and cranks with no turn over


        Ok then I’m willing to bet it’s probably the ICM in the dizzy if you checked the coil. The icm is the little rectangle piece inside the dizzy that has 4 wires going to it. That is a high failure item. Follow that video troubleshooting and it should you point you directly to the problem. Do you hear the fuel pump prime when you put the key into the acc slot?
        FSAE (F Series Accord Enthusiasts) ..."A dying breed thats taking it to the next level" Lucky #13
        MR Thread: