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EXT: LED corner light conversion.

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    EXT: LED corner light conversion.

    In this DIY I will show you how to convert your current corner bulbs to LED's

    I am not responsible for anything that happens to you or your car. Do this at your own risk.

    Sure you can go out to autozone and buy corner bulbs for like 3 bucks each, but this is more fun!

    You need-
    -A Phillips screwdriver
    -4 of the color LED of you choice.

    (White/ Amber is legal. Any other color and you may get harassed by the 5-0. Esp blue or red. If you have clear corners w/o a reflector, you need to make the furthest bulb out Amber to be legal. But if you don't care, do whatever you want.)
    -4 Resistors, Ill explain later.

    (1/2 watt 470 ohm for the LEDs I have.) Find yours here
    -Soldering tools if you want.

    Lets get started.

    Remove these screws from both lights and pull towards the front of the car. It will be hard the first time.

    Unplug the bulbs and take them out by twisting them and pulling out.

    Yes, I did paint my bulbs blue... It looked pretty good...

    OK quick lesson, LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. As a Diode, Current only flows one way. The anode must be on the positive side, and the cathode must be on the negative side. Lucky you, i've done all the problem solving here.
    You need the resistor because the led is not made to handle the 12 volts your car supplies. LED's typically handle 1.8 to 3.8 volts depending on the color ect. The resistor "resists" the 12 volts and puts it in a suitable range for your LED

    The "cup" side of the LED is your Negative leg. The positive leg is also generally longer.

    Here you will see that the top of the bulb bases is the positive, and the bottom is negative.

    To start off you need to take a pencil or something round, and bend one end of the resistor about 1/3rd of the way up the wire around it.

    Now remember the + side of the base I showed you? Carefully jamb the bent end of the resistor into the space between the bulb clips and wall.

    you can bend the resistor into the the space between the clips like this

    Should look like this.

    Great! now do the same to the - (negative) side of the LED.

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    You should be here.

    Now here you can solder the LED and resistor wires together. I just twisted them together, but you should solder them.

    Just make sure you don't have any shorts.


    Twist the wires so they point straight out, I found this to be the easiest way.

    Now do the other 3!

    Put them back in the same way they came out...

    Wasn't that easy? Looks great! You may need to aim the LEDs. You can also sand off the dome for more light distribution. I recommend if you have aftermarket corners with no reflectors you get 360* viewing angle LED's.

    Be on the lookout, I'm gonna do the main turn signal bulbs next!

    Thanks for reading, and good luck!
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      thats awesome. whered u get the LED's and resonators?


        Originally posted by GenDBlade View Post
        thats awesome. whered u get the LED's and resonators?
        you can get em on ebay for like 5 bucks shipped
        I soldered 2 3mm leds on a little piece of circuit board so it was plug n play

        Originally posted by kc8enb07
        does it come w/ jdm trash? they better throw away gold in it


          LED's I got from a friend. You can get the resistors at radioshack.

          You can get LED's from Ebay too.


            I just went to AutoZone and bought 4-4LED bulbs....

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            Originally posted by Jarrett
            Is there a goal you're trying to accomplish besides looking dope as hell?


              Originally posted by greencb7inkc View Post
              I just went to AutoZone and bought 4-4LED bulbs....

              I guess... But isn't it more fun (and cheaper) to diy?


                How much would this cost for one to go about doing this? I just converted all of mine with AutoZone LED's. I am curious as to what the difference in cost is between DIY and going out and buying the LED bulbs.


                  5 Resistors, 99 cents Radioshack...
                  LEDs $5 for 50 on ebay...
                  Free LEDs if you know where to get some...


                    Are they even visible in the day? I personally think one led is not enough.


                      Haha LED's... 4 led's is fun but 60 led's 15x time fun

                      BTW good job on DIY