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INT: Speaker Connection Conversion

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    INT: Speaker Connection Conversion

    So if you've ever gone in and tried to replace the speakers on your Accord, you've certainly noticed that they connection for the speakers isn't a simple connector like you will find on every speaker out there. These little connectors mean that in order to put in new speakers, you have a few options. First, and what most people do, it to just cut the factory wiring behind this plug and attach new wire with simple connectors (such as butt connectors) to work with your new speakers. Although, this means that you won't be able to put back in the stock speakers if there ever comes a time to do such a thing (such as if you are parting out the car or selling it and want to hold onto your new speakers)

    So this DIY covers reusing the connectors off of the factory speakers on your new speakers. It is a simple procedure, and only takes about 10 minutes from start to finish.


    Stock speakers (duh)
    New speakers (once again, duh)
    Soldering Iron or soldering gun
    Pliers or small flat head screwdriver
    Wire stripper

    1. Go out to your car and pull out the factory speakers

    2. Bring them inside and setup everything you will need

    3. Take a look at your stock speakers and see the wires from the plug directly to the speaker

    4. Get your Soldering iron out and un-solder the connection at the speaker

    5. Once you have both sides done, this is what you should have. Two stock speakers with no connections and what will be your adapters for your new speakers

    At this point, you will want to make sure you know which wire goes to which plug in terms of polarity on the speakers. The polarity of the speaker can be found out using a fairly simple method

    To deliver optimum performance, your speakers should be connected to your amplifier with all the positive ends of your speaker cables attached to the positive connectors on your speaker. If you suspect the polarity is not correct, here's a quick and easy way to check. Disconnect the speaker wire from your amp, then connect the cable to a 9-volt battery. The battery's DC voltage will cause the woofers to move forward if the polarity is correct (that is, positive to positive). If the woofer moves backward, your polarity is reversed. If that's the case, simply reverse the connection on your amp. Better still, simply use speaker cable that's color-coded.
    Make a note of which wire corresponds to which terminal and proceed.

    6. After you have removed these pieces from the stock speakers you will only have a small amount of exposed wire

    7. Use your wire strippers and expose enough wire to work with

    8. Once you have done this, attach the exposed wire to the new speaker. Additionally, for added expansion later on, you could substitute butt connectors on the end of the adapters.

    9. Get your solder and soldering iron and make a good connection between the wire and the speaker terminal.

    10. Voila! Now go pop the new speakers back in and jam out!

    Originally posted by Maple50175
    Oh here we go again. Maples other half.

    pretty sweet i already jus cut mne still work great but this is he proper way =] good job

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    why would you think people at auto zone would know what they were talking about?
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      Very cool write up George.

      I wish i still had the factory connectors for mine. Whoever installed the aftermarkets just cut them off and re-wired them.

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