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    Originally posted by Ont1992ADL View Post
    aww boo, i just put the car away last weekend. But you'll end up something taking both seats out and the center console, like this: (this pic was taken when i did it)

    I had a lights above the drivers and passenger side feet and above the rear passengers feet (mounted under the front seats pointing backwards). I also have a wire-light which follows my console. I bought the lights at walmart and used plastic ties to tie the lights up and tucked away. Also buy a switch (the proper size) to fit the console. I found one at walmart also which fits where the sunroof button would be I believe.

    Now your removing the lower center console part to reveal the cig lighter. Since your going to run this whole connection in a serial connection you just need to tap into these wires. Its best to solder into them of course, but if that's not your styles i'm sure electrical tape or connectors will work. So your going to have:

    Cigglighter---wire---<switch>---wire---<light1(above drivers feat)>---wire---<light2(above passenger feat)>---wire---<light3(under passenger seat)>---wire---<light4 under drivers seat>---wire---<last-light-or end>

    Lights under seats -

    Light around console -

    You will need a lot of wire because your running wire and back tracking. Make sure to buy the proper guage wire. Check out this pic:

    Now my last wire I ran was the light around the center console which had a terminator on the end. I was always hated that I couldn't see my coffee cup tray at night and it left me guessing sometimes, so I ran a light down there. No the wire is not squigglie like the pic, its smooth and hugs the edges. Use some crazy glue and take your time. Use as little glue as possible so its not noticable. It run here: (and works great b/c there is already a groove on the sides for it)

    When you put everything back together you should see no lights (minus the wire-light). Run any wires under the rug if needed and use pin size holes to run the wire up if needed. I used connectors under the seats so if I need to take the seats out I just disconnect the connections. Same with behind the dash, you do'nt want to see any wires.

    Now with a flick of the switch in the console I get blue lights on everyones shoes and the center wire-light which lights up the coffee tray area and the sides of the console.

    (i'd take pics when the car comes out of storage but by then everyone will have forgot about this thread)


      Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the cigarette lighter a fused circuit? So if you're taking power from it aren't the lights thereby fused?[/QUOTE]

      Yes. However by using a fuse on your wire, the fuse on your wire will blow first, preventing the fuse that powers your ig lighter and other acc...

      IMO 15amp is excessive. 5 or 10amp max is plenty. If you go higher than you will pop the other fuse before you do the inline one just for the lights.
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