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EXT: 9005 Low Beam Headlight Mod

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  • Shankenstein
    there's not much reason NOT to do the mod. I don't even own a dremel so I just borrowed one =P For 5 extra watts of bulb you get to:
    -save $20
    -outshine the silverstars and nighthawks
    -last longer than 2yrs
    I did it b/c my silverstar burned out the night I had to drive 100mi in the biggest snowstorm north louisiana has had in 10yrs (5"). It's miraculous I didnt get a ticket cuz the redneck cops tend to freak out over these kinda things. Down here we all know the "blizzards" are cuz the WHO DAT's won the superbowl~ (who dat nation knows what I mean)

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  • crazymikey
    I have done this mod a couple times in the past and the difference is not very noticable.

    Upgrade your bulb wattage instead,but that means you have to upgrade wiring or else you'll melt your harness.

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  • buzz11
    mm..not bad. i always wanted to do this and see the difference. i have a bunch of 9005 bulbs for some reason lol

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  • Shankenstein
    started a topic EXT: 9005 Low Beam Headlight Mod

    EXT: 9005 Low Beam Headlight Mod

    Hey hey everybody~
    I saw this idea on this site and a few others but the DIY was a little lacking and didn't have as many pictures as I like.

    PURPOSE: 9005 bulbs have 30% higher lumen rating than 9006. Using brighter bulbs means you can use cheaper halogen bulbs and get better brightness than the expensive Silverstars (last ~2yrs) and the other hotter bulbs.

    1) pair of 9005 high beam bulbs (I used Silv Xtravision)
    2) Dremel with a fine tip cutting bit- like this kind

    THAT'S IT!

    -just a friendly warning: *DON'T FREAKIN' TOUCH THE GLASS ON THE BULB* the oil from your greasy little nubs will burn 'em out in a hurry!

    1) Take out the old 9006 bulbs. It can be a pain to get the ring clip off if it's seized but it's doable.

    2) On the 9005, dremel off about half of the top tab STARTING FROM THE LEFT.

    You can hold up the 9006 to see where the tab will need to end.

    3) Inside the plug, the 9005 will have 2 guides and the 9006 will have just 1 in the center. Therefore, they need to go. Dremel away with a steady hand but don't worry much about damaging the contacts.
    9005 (trimmed)

    9006 (still with guide)

    4) Clean off all the plastic shavings and put your new bulbs in.

    5) Opt. adjust your headlight aim if necessary.

    It really is that easy!

    Left= Mod Xtravision; Right= 9006 Silverstar

    Left= 9006 Silverstar; Right= Mod Xtravision

    Left= 9006 Silverstar; Right= Mod Xtravision

    -Keep in mind that this is in the rain on a Samsung Impression. No macro, no zoom, no glare control.
    -The Silverstar's are whiter but the Mod Xtravisions actually shine brighter in the short distance and go a little further (pic 1 really shows it best).
    -If I get a chance, I'll try to shine em on a flat wall but the coverage is great with the mod and they don't shoot too far up and glare people.