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EXT: H3C to H3 Conversion

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    EXT: H3C to H3 Conversion

    these days many of us would like to use aftermarket bulbs to increase safety and overall looks. for those that have them, we all know that our foglights house H3C bulbs. it is very difficult to find a replacement H3C bulbs let alone aftermarket H3C bulbs. there is however a wider range of H3 bulbs. this DIY will convert using the hard-to-obtain H3C bulb to using a typical H3 bulb (think 9006 to 9005 conversion).

    this DIY was inspired here . when i took a look at my foglights, i found out that the bulb housing is slightly different from the link however the principle remained the same. follow me as i convert my bulbs on my 92-93 foglights.

    tools of the trade:
    - 10mm wrench
    - philips screw driver
    - drill w/ assorted bits
    - wire (i used 16 gauge)
    - ring connectors
    - crimper
    - small self-tapping screws

    first step is to remove the bumper lights. if you can't do this, you should NOT continue. in the bumper light hole you will see two 10mm bolts. unscrew them to remove the foglights from the bumper (remember: righty tighty, lefty loosy).

    once the foglights are removed, undo the connectors and take off the rubber boots. inside each you will see the H3C bulb (please excuse the corrosion in my housings). note that H3C bulb has 2 prongs...

    ...while the H3 has a pigtail (PIAA xtra ion crystal bulbs used here).

    now on the DIY linked above, they have a screw that holds the spring clip in. well our foglights don't have this so we need to approach this differently.

    remove the H3C bulb by unfastening the spring clip. you will see a little tab on the bottom of the bulb housing. bent it a bit (masking tape was used for protection) to get more room...

    ...and drill a pilot hole for the small self-tapping screw that will go in there. it is good to do this so that the metal won't be as stressed when the screw enters. after drilling, bend the tab completely to the opposite side.

    what are the screws used for? well you need to make small pigtails consisting of a ring connectors. they should look like this.

    after constructing them, attach one side to the tab with the newly enlarged hole using the self-tapping screw. NOTE: you do not need to attach another ring connector on the opposite side like i did. i only did this because that's all i had. a male connector would be a better choice here.

    next, add the H3 bulb and fasten down using the spring clip. IMPORTANT: make sure that the spring clip is actually holding the new bulb securely. sometimes the clip can be over stretched due to the larger base size of the H3C bulb. simply rebend the clip.

    replace the rubber boot and fish out both pigtails from the prong holes.

    take the newly converted foglight back to the car and connect the pigtails to the slots of the connector. NOTE: the pic shows the pigtails in half way.

    test bulbs to ensure proper function. you may need to switch the pigtails around if they don't turn on. replace the foglights back in their respective places and return the bumper lenses.

    the results:

    here are some pics i took tonight. sorry for the poor quality. i was driving on a bumpy freeway AND it was raining. visibility is also decreased due to the wet pavement. i'll take better shots when the weather permits.

    -lexus GS400 ballasts and philips D2R bulbs
    -autolamps shields
    -H3 PIAA xtra ion crystal bulbs (foglights)

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    interestng way of doing it. i acualy just used the h7 bulb. its a tad bit bigger than the stock fog light bulb. but does the job. even has the same kind of cuts to fit well. and also the same prongs so no wiring or drilling. all i did was cut that rubber thing a bit to fit the plug in better.

    mmm im curious if piaa has those yellow bulbs in h7. im a fan of the yellowish light output, especially because fogs should be yellow anyways. keep up the good work!

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      damn man if you only posted this a day earlier ive been on the hunt for h3c bulbs i finally found some on some website though for 3.50 a peace. i wish i would have know about this though i could have done it this way nice write up
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        pretty similar to how i converted 97lude's foglights while we were installing them. nice writeup.

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          i used the h7 bulbs...i was going to convert to the h3's...still might do it when these blow

          Originally posted by fizzbob7
          first off, don't be a sissy bitch.....that's what you're being
          Originally posted by ACC0RD22
          no need to get sand in your vagina over this guys.
          So. Cal OUTLAWZ


            lol.. have my h7's for over 2 years. still going strong

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              bump for i97supratti. you need this DIY mang!

              wiring for the foglights can be found below:
              NOTE: use diagram shown in post #9, the revised version!
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                i used the h3 bulbs but instead of drilling and using the ring connector you can just use a spade connector it will slip right on that tab thats in the fog housing and the just run it out and use the male spade connector to plug into the harness.
                im finally back in a cb7 its like coming
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                  Looks sick man. I need to get some fogs


                    Originally posted by timmy0tool
                    ... for those that have them, we all know that our foglights house H3C bulbs. it is very difficult to find a replacement H3C bulbs. ...
                    According to [mike]'s light application guide, this DIY would only apply to 92-93, since 90-91 foglights already use the H-3 bulb. :

                    stock 90/91 fog lights: H3
                    stock 92/93 fog lights: H3-C (acura dealer-1st gen TL, or: 33165-SM4-003)


                      I have H3C's in stock
                      All of our Skylines come with them so we bring them over by the case load.
                      If anyone needs any let me know.
                      They are a Hyper white
                      Retail is $44.95 CAD

                      Godzilla is coming......


                        Wow...those fogs look way better at night than mine ever did...I gotta figure out how to adjust them then.


                          Is there a need for that wire that is screwed into the clip? It looks as if the H3 bulbs only need a + connection, they have no ground wire. The wire that you connect to ground thru the harness does not really ground anything.

                          It grounds itself onto that metal plate around the bulb, but why?


                            nice writeup now all i need are fogs


                              Well, that is a well documented write up..... The H3 uses it's base as a ground, but the H3C does not. So, you have to extend the new grounding surface from the H3 via the custom what would be the ( - ) prong of the harness. And, vuala!!!
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