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EXT: customize your auto alarm siren

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    EXT: customize your auto alarm siren

    if your alarm has the annoying universal 7 tone siren like this one

    and you want to just keep one or two tones, then this diy will show you how easy it is to do it.

    DISCLAIMER: The fact that it worked for me does not guarantee that it will work for you, be very careful when cutting into your siren as the results cannot be reversed. Take your time when doing this.

    tools needed....
    1. a car alarm siren such as DEI because this one has 7 tones.
    2. an x-acto knife
    3. a phillips screw driver
    4. a power source such as 9v batteries, 12v voltage regulator or a spare battery.

    if you want to practice using other sirens before hacking up yours, bring a 9v battery to the jy and test different sirens (they are usually cheap).

    step one

    looking inside the horn locate the 2 outer screws and remove them with your screw driver, pull the guts of the siren out. Make sure the wires connected to the board have enough slack because the siren will pull them as well.

    step two

    take a look as the board and you will notice the chip that controls the tones as well as the order will look similar to this

    step three
    become familiar with your siren tones, usually the first and last are the same tone but have separate locations. Using your battery or voltage regulator listen to the order of the tones and write down which ones you want to keep. the order for this siren is left to right. if you dont know the order follow the positive wire(red) to the mother board which will lead you to the sounds chip first tone.

    step four
    using your x-acto knife cut the contacts "to eliminate the sound" from being played back by the chip.

    step five
    test the siren to see if you eleminated the correct one(cross your fingers)

    i hope you found this usefull, i like this method more than just having all those annoying sounds.
    now you will be able to tell when someone actually hits your car...

    final product might sound like this.
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    That's actually pretty cool I like that idea, might have to go to the jy and find me a speaker now.