Here are some pics of a recone , This is an SA-15 D2 cone to replace the blown D4. A little work and planning involved but if you prepare everything you will need it goes really smooth. Took about 2 hours start to finish which I imagine that when you get used to doing it, you can do this in about 45 min or less depending on how hard it is to clean the old cone off.

This is where It started . Had already removed the old cone and alot of the glue from the top ring of the basket. You now need to tape off the gap and clean/prepare the surface for the new cone.

Here you can see the cleaned surface(orbital sander is awesome here), removed the tape, and am now ready to fit a new cone.

Then dropped in the new cone and used plain copy paper to get a snug and centered fit.

Then pop the cone up on the paper so that you could lay down a good bead of CA glue on the spider landing. Give the spider a nice coat of activator and clamped it down making sure to match up the terminal leads on the spider as well as the screw holes on the surround.

After the spider is good move on to gluing down the surround. Do this one section at a time, just the space between screw holes, pulling up the surround just enough to lay a good bead of CA glue and spray activator before clamping it down. I would wait a couple minutes and move to the next section til all were done.

Here is a pic from the top view of the finished product. On the dust cap, on thesust cap just centere it as good as possible, trying to measure on 4 sides, then hold it down and trace with a pencil to give a good guide for the CA bead. Then use a back wrapped piece of duct tape to set the cap onto the bead and then a roll of duct tape and a paint can to weigh it down for a couple minutes to dry.

This is the last pic, just showing the finished spider landing and the terminal leads that were pinched and soldered. That's it, easy work.

Hope this helps...