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[DIY] Neutral switch for remote engine starter

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    [DIY] Neutral switch for remote engine starter

    Hey CB7Tuner, sorry I dont have time to do a full how to but just wanted to share with you guys how I made up a neutral switch for my remote engine starter alarm (Avital 5103)

    If you dont know what these are theyre called reed switches or magnetic / proximity switches. commonly used in house alarms to sense if a door is open or closed.
    They come with two different contact configurations Normally Open and Normally Closed (some have both contact types in one, they will have 3 wires instead of 2)
    I used Normally open contacts on my one but you can use normally closed type also it just depends on how you have them set up.

    I've converted to Prelude shifter along with prelude box, as you can see I pretty much carried over the old setup with minor modifications being made.

    I connected my alarm neutral sense wire to the two sensors which were wired in series and then the other end of the wire to the park brake switch so the car has to be in neutral with the park brake up before it will start remotely.

    You can see I made up some little riser brackets to mount the sensors in the correct place. As for the mounting of the magnets on the shifter, thats balsa wood you can see there holding them together.
    Cheers guys hope this helps somebody wanting to do the same thing.
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    That's very useful as I'm planning to wire up the remote starter I got for christmas.

    I don't have the box to check what's included, but I'm guessing it doesn't come with any sort of neutral sensor.

    Good thinking on not forgetting the parking brake sensor as well. Any pics of how you rigged that up?


      Thats awesome and I like the idea... What I have is the e-brake has to be on along with a button pressed to over ride the clutch if the button isn't pressed the car will simply turn to accessory and do nothing and as that alarm does it attempts to start the car until a signal from the rpm has been achieved

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        Very clever, I like it. I'm pretty sure I would have used microswitches, but those like to break. Your way is much better.

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          I've converted to Prelude shifter along with prelude box, as you can see I pretty much carried over the old setup with minor modifications being made.


            Very clever, nice work. I've always wondered how to do it with a manual trans but never put effort into an idea since I didn't really care for remote start
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