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INT: Fix Broken Gauge wire's From Over Tightening Screws

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    INT: Fix Broken Gauge wire's From Over Tightening Screws

    Did you over tighten your gauge screws when putting it back together. If so you broke your gauge and it does not work. You broke 1 or more wire’(s) inside.

    I assume you know how to remove your gauge. I apologies in advance I suck at spelling and writing. Hopefully you can follow along.

    supply’s needed
    Wire: I used magnet wire for the wire. *any should work judge your space
    Soldering Iron
    Solder: I used Kester 63/37, it helps stop cold joints. Any electrical solder should do.
    Digital multimeter aka DMM
    Wire cutting tool

    (1) get your broken gauge:

    (2) Pull off metal cover on bad gauge. It’s the red arrow above. It just pulls off you may have to wiggle it. Gauge should look like this now.

    (3) Look at where the screws go in to the gauge, the red arrows bellow. At the base look and find the broken wire’(s). I just had one. The base is the yellow arrow. The wire is the blue arrow.

    (4) Cut a piece of magnetic wire to the length needed to repair break. Remove some varnish from both end of magnetic wire. you can use a razor and scrape it off.

    (5) Tin the ends of the magnetic wire you removed varnish from. Do this by putting flux on the wire then use solder and iron.

    (6) Tin the base of the gauge where the screw goes. The yellow arrow above. Do this by putting flux on the base then the solder and iron.

    (7) Here is the tricky part. There is varnish on the wire coming from the gauge motor. You need to remove some so you can solder to it. Solder does not stick to varnish. Tricks that I know of for different types of varnish. Also I don’t know what varnish is on the wire:

    Run the wire back and forth through a blob of solder on the tip of solder iron and hope the wire comes out tinned, aka the pot method.

    Use a flame to remove it ( This can burn up some of the wire be careful)

    Use acetone and q-tip Careful to only use on end of wire you don’t want to remove varnish from other wires and short out the gauge.

    Use emery cloth on wire. Then clean with 91% alcohol.

    *the first one worked for me.

    (8) Solder tined magnet wire to tined base. Then solder other end to broken tined gauge wire.

    (9) put gauge cover back on and use DMM to check if the screw post you was working on is shorted to cover. AKA put DMM in Ω mode and normally you when you touch the probes together it beeps. AKA it shorted. So put one probe in the screw hole and touch metal inside. Touch other probe to metal cover. If no beep you are good. If your gauge does not have beep function you are looking for O.L. to be displayed on most DMM’s. IF you have a DMM hopefully you know how to use it.

    You may have to do steps 4-9 a few times to fix all your breaks if you went crazy on the gauge screws.

    You are done put it back together and goes easy on those screws
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    need help learning to solder? google "How to solder correctly (a not so brief lesson)"

    you will find a post on a RC site. I would re-post it but don't know if I am allowed.