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ENG: Fixing/Replacing Neutral Safety Switch

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    ENG: Fixing/Replacing Neutral Safety Switch

    Credit goes to js593

    If your key is jammed after shutting off the engine, your gear does not shift out of "P" or the gear position light on dashboard does not come up. You can try doing to.

    I did this in around 15 min. Nothing to difficult other than removing the gear console within the limited space between the gear and e-brake. That, for me, is the hardest part LOL.

    Get your spare key ready just in case the key is stuck inside since we will be removing the NSS. Anyway... Here's what I've done...

    Remove the e-brake console, then the gearshift console. You will see the NSS.

    Unbolt the nuts, there's 1 on the other side.

    There's a black plastic thingy inside that signals which gear position are you at. I opened it and cleaned all the metal connectors.

    Notice that the 2 holes are not in exact round shape. This allows the NSS's position to be adjusted accordingly.

    Make sure the small metal bar goes into the black plastic thingy. I bolted the NSS back without tightening it to adjust the correct position. This is how I did the adjustment...

    I shifted back to "P" and put the car on ignition so the gear position lights will come up on dashboard. At "P", try shifting your gear without pressing the button and brake. Yes, the gear will not go anywhere but there will be a slight play.

    When you are shifting in this play, the "P" light should always stay solid but not flasing or went off. I did the same to "R" and "D4" just to make sure the NSS's position is accurate.

    After you get the correct adjustment for the NSS. Tighten the bolts and put everything back. You're done.
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