Okay i had to Change my Oil Pan recently and i see why not make a DIY with pictures that might Help someone.

Ok you can get Oil pans from Autozone or Ebay for $60-$200 Depending to what you go with i went and bought an OEM Autozone One and a Oil Pan Gasket to go with it.

-Just a good Set of Wrenches and Sockets with Long Extensions.

1. Jack the Car up Securely on Jack stands.

2.Drain the Oil

3.Remove the Cross member

4.You have to move the Exhaust out of the way. I did mine from here (wd-40 & Muscle)

and you have 2 More Screws that hold the Exhaust up to the Block, Near the Oil pan (sorry no pic) you can Find them. Remove Those too. Now the Exhaust SHOULD be out of your Way.
And take 3 Screws out Holding this Metal Flywheel Cover which will hold up one side of your oil pan..the picture shows where the screws are..it shouldn't take a rocket scientist to Figure it out

5.Remove all the Screws Securing the Oil pan it's like 10-15 of them(No pic)

6.Should Almost drop down (Be careful the Oil Dipstick Thing mine be in the way i would take it out before Starting to Remove the Oil pan)


7.Clean up any Old Remains of Gasket (according to Haynes)

8.Get your New Oil pan Ready (Put some RTV Sealant "Haynes") I didn't on mine.

9.Installation is Reverse Order. You can put New oil once your done. i didn't because i had just done an oil change a few days Before.

Thanks.. I searched couldn't find a Oil pan DIY..so i guess it's good right?