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ENG: Let's assemble a head!

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    ENG: Let's assemble a head!

    you always need the right tools for the job.
    -C clamp style vlave spring compressor
    -cylinder head props
    -valve stem seal installer/puller
    -torco assembly lube

    1. after machining the head

    2. begin lubing the valve stems and guides. insert valves in a spiraling motion.

    3. flip the head over and let the surface rest on clean rags, make sure you dont crush any of the valves that may begin falling out. place valve spring seat * note this is very important and you must have these!!!! otherwise the spring will beat the aluminum to death*

    4. with my felpro valve stem seal set, they come with these little plastic style condoms that fit over the tip. it is recommended to use these so that you dont rip the lip of the seal. use the tool and place the seal on and make sure it is flush. it doesnt sit on the valve spring seat so dont force it any further.

    remember, it needs to be level otherwise it wont hold a great seal.

    5. place springs and retainers. i liek to place the springs on with "tits up". if you look at the ends of a valve spring. one end will be cut flat, and one will come to a point somewhere near the middle of the flattened coil. the point will be the part touching the retainer. the theory behind it is that when it spins in circles, it wont shave the retainer, so we place the side that is cut flat on the seat shim.

    6. comrpess via valve spring compressor. use tweezers to hold the valve locks/keeps. if you have trouble with them falling out of place or popping, use a little bit of lube or grease.

    7. once finished, just do a quick once over and make sure everything is in place. like dont forget a valve lock and make sure the spring is sitting on the seat shim. these are all problems ive ran into while not on a honda but on other applications.
    I <3 G60.

    0.5mm Oversized Stainless valves and bronze guides available. Pm me please.

    nice right up wes
    the one and only
    what head is that?? dohc h22 h23??
    lisa is long gone, but sophie is here!

    i got a good feeling about this one

    im going to have to
    |...OVERNIGHT PART'S 4RM....||'|";,__
    |..............JAPAN.................|| ---**-)
    "(@)'(@)''''''''''''''''''''''''*|(@)(@)*****" (@)
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      yup, h23. rememebr...h22's has the shafts for the vtec lobes and hydraulic shit.
      I <3 G60.

      0.5mm Oversized Stainless valves and bronze guides available. Pm me please.


        Originally posted by 90exaccord View Post
        what head is that?? dohc h22 h23??

        great write up wes. Thank you again sir.