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ENG: How to test Low Fuel Light bulb

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    So I either have a half tank of fuel or the float is sticking at the half tank mark, since testing the needle made it move and the light work. I've driven 90 miles since putting 20 bucks on and the needle hasn't gone down.


      Filled up to a full tank today and the needle went right up to the full mark. I guess I'll go through this tank and see if the needle sticks at half again.


        great write up

        i found out the hard way my low fuel light doesn't work, but this would've been very nice to try beforehand!

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          400km into this tank and my needle is stuck at half again.

          Either the sending unit or the gauge is messed up. FML.


            I replaced my fuel gauge from a matching NS cluster. Once I installed it, the needle immediately went past full and has stayed there for 2 weeks.

            I just replaced my sending unit today, and even unplugging the connector, the needle does not move. I tested the fuel light and it works, but the needle won't move at all.

            The sending unit I replaced was working properly in the running car I took it from.

            Is this fuel gauge I have no good, or wht could be causing this? I tried to jump the SU connector to try and get the gauge to move with the B pin and ground and nothing happens.

            I'm annoyed. I've replaced the gauge and the SU, what can possibly be left to repair my non working gauge? I've been driving since my last post in this thread (March) with no fuel gauge.


              Installed another new fuel gauge and now it works. Either there was something wrong with the previous one I installed, or something else was causing it to malfunction.

              However, on this new cluster, the temp needle is not working, while it worked on the previous one.