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ENG: Transmission Removal How To Video

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  • crazymikey
    Excellent videos. Doesn't quite have the personality Eric The Car Guy does, but he presents all the information and steps very clearly.

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  • Losiracer2
    started a topic ENG: Transmission Removal How To Video

    ENG: Transmission Removal How To Video

    I recently found out my 5th gear syncro in my M2B4 tranny is worn out so bad to the point where 5th gear starts popping out in addition to the grinding everytime I let off the gas. I browsed online and found some EXCELLENT DIY videos by this guy HondaHowTo1. He really takes the time to explain every step needed in the removal process. He does it on his Prelude with an H22 engine, but ALL F and H engines use the same bell housing bolt pattern so it should be identical in almost every respect.

    PART 1

    PART 2

    PART 3
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