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ENG : CB P/S Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) Retrofitted to H22 U2Q7 Transmission

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    ENG : CB P/S Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) Retrofitted to H22 U2Q7 Transmission

    So this DIY is for those that are wanting to run a H22 U2Q7 transmission from an Accord Type R in their CBs and retain the speed sensistive powersteering feel and the correct speedo reading. This process may be needed on other OBD2 H22 transmissions but I am unsure of this.

    This is just a guide, you are responsible for all your actions.

    Big shout out and credit goes to Robert (Lindiz) forum member on here, for helping me out majorly on this mod. As he had this cracked back during his H22A7 swap

    So the differences are the U2Q7 box has no powersteering lines going to it and a different bottom cog, its bigger and has 21 teeth instead of 19. But does have the same electrical plug setup.

    The U2Q7 sensor is on the bottom of the picture, the CB sensor is on the top.

    - So process is dismantle sensors
    - Place shaft in vice loosely with cog sitting on vice.
    - Heat cog up to almost red hot
    - Hammer shaft only till flush
    - Remove cog from shaft with gloves!
    - Let cool while repeat process with the other shaft and cog.
    - Place U2Q7 (bigger cog) cog on old CB Vss shaft.
    - Heat cog up to almost red hot
    - Place tightly in vice with the cog sitting above the vice
    - Use a socket and hammer cog down to correct level.
    - Let cool
    - Clean and build up your CB sensor with your new cog.

    Make sure that the bottom cog is on the shaft in the right place otherwise you may not see the hole protrude out like I did, and wonder where that little pin went. It needs to be high enough to drive the middle disc which is just sitting on the ledge there.

    M2A4 OBD1 powersteering VSS sensor mounted to a U2Q7

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    UKDM 93 CB3 Page (1) H22A U2Q7 LSD
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      Awesome write up Marcus! I googled the part number (23820-P0A-300) of the U2Q7 gear and its appearently found in some newer model Accords and Acura CLs too. So this DIY should possibly cover some other swaps as well.

      Euro CB7 2.2i [F22A3] --> [H22A7]


        I just put a P2A8 transmission from an 01 accord in my car today and this was an unexpected hiccup! I didn't use and heat or cooling, just the good ol hammer. good writup! I wish I'd seen this prior to doing my swap because I spent a good amount of time tearing it all apart to figure out how it worked and how to swap it all over and it stretched my whole project out to 2 days instead of 1