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ENG: Rebuild Radiator Cooling Fan Motor

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    ENG: Rebuild Radiator Cooling Fan Motor

    I got tired of trying to find good cooling fans in the junkyard when the fan in my wife's 93 LX started squealing and running rough. I was able to disassemble, clean, polish, and lubricate it such that it works smoothly again. Only time will tell how long it lasts. I apologize for the pictures, I should have used a tripod - I can't seem to hold a camera still to save my life - it's heck getting old! Edit: Figured out the photo issue, someone had changed settings on the camera and I didn't check before using it. I have another motor to rework, so maybe I'll take better pictures and reload them.

    - Vice grips or other pair of pliers
    - Medium and small/long screwdriver

    This DIY covers the motor for the radiator fan motor; I'll have to take a look at the condenser fan motor to see if it is similar. It does not cover removal of the fan from the vehicle or removal of the motor from the fan assembly (fairly straight forward).

    There is a "C" clip on the end of the fan shaft; this serves as a stop for the fan when installed on the shaft. I removed this first, but I believe it can be left on until after the rotor assembly is removed.

    The end cover of the motor is held in place by six metal tabs on the case that are bent over the cover. I was able to grab these with the vice grips to straighten them out.

    Using a screwdriver under the lip of the center cap on the cover, I was able to dislodge and remove the cover, exposing the motor brushes and rotor.

    I used a small socket over the fan end of the shaft to push (I used my press) the rotor and bearing assembly out of the housing.

    I used a small screwdriver to work the star washer off the shaft, then removed a fiber washer. I had a little more difficulty removing the bearing. I used some 1500 grit paper (finest I had) to polish the end of the shaft some and worked the bearing off. There are a couple more washers and a retainer on the shaft as well. I removed the washers, but left the inner retainer in place.

    I mounted the ends (each end separately) just snug in my drill, then used the 1500 grit paper with spray lubricant on it to lightly polish the bearing surfaces and the electrical contacts on the rotor. I used a small roll of 1500 grit to clean up the inside diameter of the bearing. I then cleaned the parts with electrical and/or brake cleaner.

    Reassemble the washers, bearing, washer, and retaining ring on the end of the shaft. Initially I put a dab of super lube on the shaft; later I ended of spraying just a bit of MotorKote lubricant on it as well. The rotor and shaft assembly can then be installed in the housing; the bearing assembly has to be pushed fairly firmly into the six fingered spring clip at the bottom of the housing (see above photo).

    Install the cover on the exposed end of the shaft (apply a little lubricant on this end of the shaft as well), then use the small screwdriver to reach in and retract the brushes to allow the cover to drop down into the housing. Align the wires with the wide, shallow notch in the end of the housing. Hold the cover tightly into the case and make sure the shaft isn't binding (if so, you may not have seated the bearing assembly deep enough in the other end of the housing). You could clamp it together at this stage and apply 12 volts to the motor (blue wire +, black wire -) to make sure it works correctly. With the cover held firmly in place, bend the six tabs over to retain it. Reinstall the "C" clip on the end of the motor shaft.

    A little black satin Rustoleum to spruce up the exterior.

    The motor runs smooth and quiet with a fan attached; just have to reinstall it in a frame.
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