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ENG: Internal to external coil

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    has anyone thought of doing this to lower the temp inside the distributor? the ICM shouldnt produce any heat since it is solid state.

    Im just thinking of trying to save the ICM's from a lot of heat exposure.
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      wow, this should be sticky'd for all of us doing swaps which need to be converted from internal to external coil.
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        we need pics :/


          is it required to use an MSD dizzy cap also? plz help cuz im doing this


            Pictures and pdf's updated.

            The MSD cap has the tower/connection point to run a wire to your new external coil setup. It's not expensive so I would say just get it. And a new rotor.
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              so i could do this on the h22 also right? i have all the stuff in a box somewhere, i just never tried installing it.
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                Im confused, my 91 wagon is internal, an I got my h23 in, jusst need to make my car external. I tryed to follow that link but I dont kno which wires to extend. Do I remove the whole coil pack? Please help, sittin in garage waitin for an anwer, or someone to he walk me threw it.