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ENG: Turning AEM Short Ram into Ghetto Cold Air Intake

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    ENG: Turning AEM Short Ram into Ghetto Cold Air Intake

    I did this and noticed a difference in acceleration. No new 1/4 or 0-60 times yet, since the track is closed. I'll try to get some pics up and more specific specs after I write this.

    1.) Get the supplies:
    -One 2" 90 degree angle PVC tube (believe it or not, it's actually 2" all the way through the bend, I cut one in multiple spots to make sure)
    - Two 2" Rubber Couplings
    - 3' of 2" PVC Tube

    2.) Take off the air filter

    3.) Expand the hole near the battery (just like the aem cai install)

    4.) Place the coupling where the filter was

    5.) Connect the coupling with about 9"(I'll measure this later to make sure) of straight PVC

    5.) Connect the 90 degree elbow to the straight tube and put the other coupling at the other end

    6.) Connect a 16"(unsure exactly how long) straight tube to the end of the coupling

    7.) To connect the filter to the pvc simply wrap the end of the pvc with a thin layer of duct tape and it should connect just fine with that and the clamp

    definately weird, who wants to cut apart pvc to add to a pipe, seems very ghetto, just but the cai, youl get more gain.


      You may or may not get a better gain, that could be up for debate. Resourcefulness is not ghetto. For what they are, cold air intakes are overpriced, I don't blame anybody for looking for a good alternative. Whether or not this guy has found a good solution, he is trying, which is a shitload more than anybody that justs buys a particular product because they know it's "good." Add to that the understanding of automotive principles that you get from experimenting yourself and I would be hesitant to directly criticize anybody trying to help themselves unless I had concrete evidence of wrongdoing.

      But watch out for hot air on the PVC (think engine compartment heat), you don't want the fumes of melted waterpipe getting into the engine. Galvanized steel would be a better alternative (mandrel bent tubing usually marketed for exhausts is a good place to start). Whatever you're going to finalize think about wrapping it in a heat jacket or heat tape (ThermoTec! ) And if you go with the steel then you all of a sudden have a really good excuse to buy a welder.... follow my train of thought?


        I understand the initial concern about the PVC and heat issues. PVC isn't a conductor of heat, so, it will actually keep the air cooler than another medal. also if you look at the places where the pvc is placed, it isn't exactly a large producer of heat. have you ever held an intake after a car is ran hard? you can still grab it and there's very little heat.

        the duct tape was actually placed on the pvc to try to ensure an air tight grip along with the clamp, it isn't necessary, it fit just fine, i just wanted it a bite more snug.

        we'll find out how much it did when i run in the spring. currently a 16.7 stock.


          I'm really glad that something positive came of this thread. Git your ass on a dyno, ready to test both stock (or short ram... but sotck would be better) and PVCtake. It's about time that these got some serious attention and numbers.

          Now, if only I could get my grubby little hands on a V2 to check out their design...


            sorry to sound like a smartass, but dont most DIY's atleast have a pic or two?
            1991 JDM Galant VR-4


              yeah i'm sorry there's about 8 inches of snow outside right now, i'll try to get some pics up as soon as possible

              a place in town is having a "dyno day" $50 for three runs, i'm gonna go do it, not til march though


                I was actually considering something sorta like this. Word up, man! Keep the progression commin'!
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