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ENG: F22B DOHC Head Swap onto F22AX Block

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  • NoSloCB7
    If there are any questions, please feel free to ask me. Like I said, the procedure was very simple. It is critical that you purchase a shop manual that covers both the Accord and Prelude w. H23 motor info.

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  • NoSloCB7
    started a topic ENG: F22B DOHC Head Swap onto F22AX Block

    ENG: F22B DOHC Head Swap onto F22AX Block

    Note: This is posted as informative information only!! I am not liable for any damages, etc. that may occur from you preforming this swap!!

    Ok Guys.. I FINALLY got around to sitting my ass down and writing up this "How To" for the F22B DOHC head swap onto the F22AX Block. The swap was extremely easy and went excellent. I like these photos because when you preform the swap, most of you will leave the block in the car. Below is a list of parts you will need to collect prior to starting this swap.

    -F22B DOHC Complete Head
    -H22/H23 Internal/External Coil Distributor
    -H23 Head Bolts
    -H23 Crank Gear w./ H23 Backing Plate
    -H23 Timing Belt or 1995 GSR Timing Belt
    -F22AX Head Gasket
    -F22A6 or H23 Intake Manifold
    -H23 or F22B DOHC ECU

    Begin by following the proper procedure for removing the F22AX head and timing belt. You can find the step by step in your Haynes Manual or other shop refrence material.

    Next you want to install your intake manifold of choice onto the F22B DOHC head:

    Now, after you have cleaned the block deck, you are ready to install the Head onto the F22AX block. Below is a picture of the F22AX head gasket on the F22B DOHC head. Notice that all the oil drains and coolant ports line up perfectly!! There is no modifications needed. Please Note: This picture was taken when I first recieved the head. It had not yet been cleaned.

    Now, time to install the head. Remember to use the new H23 head bolts you purchased. Be sure to follow the head tightening sequence and bolt torque specifications for the H23 prelude engine. All tech, info can be found in your haynes/ other shop manual.

    After the head was installed I then focused on the timing belt hardware. This is a very simple step. After you have followed the shop book procedure to remove the timiing blet, you then need to remove the F22AX crank gear and replace it with the H23 crank gear and backing plate.

    From there on out you simply follow the shop manual procedure for the H23 prelude for installing the timing belt, cams, etc.. The only think that was changed as far as timing components was the crank gear. The F22AX water pump was still used. The picture below shows the H22 internal coil distributor mounted.

    And now...folllow all the proper procedures to finish up!!!

    Well there you have it. It really isn't difficult at all, and is well worth the results!! Good Luck and Have Fun!!!
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