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ENG: check for fluid in your cylinders. Oil/coolant

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    ENG: check for fluid in your cylinders. Oil/coolant

    I'm only making this DIY for those that have pressure the cooling system w/ a pressure checker for a coolant leak or have concluded by Smoke coming out of the exhaust but dont know what cylinder its coming from.....


    White Smoke + anti-freeze smell = Coolant, problems : headgasket,(feel free too add)
    Blue Smoke = Oil, problems : piston rings,( " ")

    This is what my shop teacher taught me to do
    Part 1
    1) Disconnect your Coil
    2) Remove Spark plugs but make sure you keep them in order per Cylinder
    3) Remove Valve Cover ( 4/10mm nuts plus 1/10mm ground bolt)
    * for step 4 look @ bottom for infomation on searching for the leak from the headgasket using a pressure tester*
    4) Look down into each cylinder w/ a light to looks for fluid[ if the cylinder is on the bottom of the block knows as BDC (bottom dead center) you wont be able to tell if fluid is in there not even with a light.
    5) get a Paper Towel to cover the spark plug tube, if u see its on BDC get a paper towle and proceed...if its TDC and thats the cyld w. fluid skip to 8)
    have a friend or someone atempt to start the car up (yes you can do this without the valve cover, its not gonna do anything the coil is off and oil isn't going to go everywhere), have them tap it ( as in on__off on__off on__off)for a few seconds, if there is fluid in the cylinder it should show up on the paper towel,
    7)if that doesn't work take the dipstick clean it off and stuff it down into the cyl...what ever fluid is down there you might be able to reach...if not back to step 6) and push the paper towel further into the tube but enought get it back out.....
    8) once u have figured out what Cylinder has fluid in it, proceed to your next step with fixing your problem, this may mean removing your engine head, and replacing what needs to be replaced....

    like i said up top this is for those that see odd smoke coming from their car and dont know if there could possibly be fluid in it...

    ** pressure test headgasket **
    If you just replace your headgasket and you dont know if its broken or not....easy thing to do to figure out if it is, follow the steps above but when it comes to finding the looking for fluid, hook up a cooling system pressure tester and pump it up to 15lbs and look into each cylinder and find the broken seal....
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    hey good write up evan
    My baby laying down some power...


      I Was Always Told:

      Hey guys... the people who taught me (Dad and Grandpa) always told me that the easiest way to tell if there was coolant is this:

      1) First, obviously, is that you are going to notice smoke/steam in excess and a VERY noticeable misfire.

      2) Plug in a vaccum gauge and you will notice that it fluctuates with the missing of the engine.

      3) Pull spark plugs one by one. If there is coolant in the cylinder the spark plug will look noticeably cleaner. This is due to the pressurization of water that can remove the grease and deposits on the plug.
      Why? Because... Life Happens @ 4500 RPM

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        you learn something new every day, its always good to have other alternatives.....i kno mine kinda doesn't make sence in a way but i think you get the basic idea i hope....
        93 Accord- SOLD
        94 Civic- F22a1 Swap, current DD