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ENG: DIY polishing small parts with a dremel

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    I'd like to see some updated pictures of your engine with the polished pieces. I know your probably not done but a few pics would be cool to see.

    I'm not a big fan of chrome or polished parts but somehow I like what your doing TypeG. Good work. Polishing parts is pretty fun to. I polished my intake and strut bar a while back and it's nice to see the outcome as you go.


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        yes the block can be done
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          The block can definatly be done! takes about 12-13 solid hours though!

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            Originally posted by turbo90accord
            The block can definatly be done! takes about 12-13 solid hours though!
            type G would probably take 3-4 times that long lol... but dude is that yours??? sweeeet!
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              TypeG, you would do that. You would have the time to do this. Hahaha that's insane. Great job. How long do these polished pieces usually last before having to do this whole process again?


                they last forever since you are pysically changing the surface. they do get a little dirty just like any other part on the car. to clean the polished parts, you simply use mag and aluminum polish and wipe it off. later.
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                  imma have to expirement on some few things....

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                    Amazing job; I have to do my rims at some point. The snow and salt damaged the shiny silver paint.


                      Would I be able to do this with my 93 ex wheels? That'd be HOT.

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                        Originally posted by loonysalmon View Post
                        Would I be able to do this with my 93 ex wheels? That'd be HOT.

                        don't use a dremel to polish wheels. this method is only for small parts.

                        instead use and orbital sander with 320 grit to sand the face smooth, then use 400, 600, 1000, 2000g by hand followed by metal polish. later.
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                          can this be done with out a dremil??? I have everything including the polish but no dremill and I was going to re polish the lips on my wheels ...

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