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ENG: DIY IAB Black Box Nipple Fix

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  • Accrdwgnguy
    I fixed mine using the metal nipple from a stock intake tube and some JB weld. easy

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  • Chris2388
    Pix Pix Pix Pix Plz Plz Plz

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  • 91hondaaccordex
    Originally posted by Skeet Skeet View Post
    Aaahhh I need pics! I need to do this asap!
    yeah i agree

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  • Skeet Skeet
    Aaahhh I need pics! I need to do this asap!

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  • Michalob
    interesting technique. hopefully it works. i personally have tried using jb weld but to know avail, the IAB sensor didnt work. luckily i found the sensor in a huge junkyard i know of that had one laying around. easy pocket items. let us know if your fix worked or not.

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  • Maple50175
    Nice writeup.

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  • Caution
    started a topic ENG: DIY IAB Black Box Nipple Fix

    ENG: DIY IAB Black Box Nipple Fix

    Do It Yourself IAB Black Box Nipple Fix

    Ok, I have search on here and found that no one has yet done or found a way to fix those DAM BROKEN NIPPLES on your IAB Black Box (Intake Air Bypass Vacuum Box) or the IAB Solenoid Valve that is bolted up next to the IAB Vacuum box or black box. This is my attempt to fix the broken nipples, because this is the only one vacuum tank black box that I have. After all, you guys may have already seen my post in the "other topic" about how furious I got when I recieved my h23 manifold with the nipples on the black box broken in the mail.

    Object, I will be replacing 1 broken nipple and reattaching 1 old nipple. Please yall gotta excuse me for the blurry picture, but my cam dont like close up, they blur when I take close shot, but they still not too bad!

    This is a common issue with the nipples on the IAb vacuum tank (black box). They tend to break really easy and are like one of the hardest parts to find for replacing your old one. Please read along and feel free to post, oh by the way, the blue nipple was already Pre drilled so there was no way for me to take a pix of the old undrilled nipple; so all the picture of the blue nipple side is already pre drill to the correct size I needed it to be; either way you will need to drill out the old hole and make it bigger.

    Tool List:
    1. Power Drill
    2. Razor Blade
    3. Nail
    4. Jb Weld
    5. Drill Bits (various size recommended)

    Supply Parts List:
    1. Vacuum Connector 3/16"x3/16" (will be modified later for new nipple)

    *NOte: now depending on how many nipple you will replace with new one, then you will need to get that many nipples, there were smaller vacuum connectors, but I feel they were too small and may not be strong enough. Your tools and parts may all be purchased at Hard ware stores and auto stores. Should not cost you a arm and a leg!*

    This is what your IAB black box (IAB Vacuum tank) and IAB solenoid look like if yah neva seen one before. The IAB solenoid is on the right end of the box with the blue broken nipple on top. As you can see, the black box nipple on the left side is broken, and the nipple that is blue on top of the IAB solenoid is broken, located at the right side of box. The IAb solenoid is screw down onto the black box, so they look as if they were 1 piece, but they aren't.

    This is a shot from the IAB solenoid side. You can see how the blue nipple on top is not sticking out with the other black nipple that is sticking out, thats because its broke. The blue one will be replace with the new vacuum connector.

    Now on the other end of the black box, this is what it looks like. Has too nipples, 1 comes straight out, and the other oned comes out in an "L" shape (fat one). The "L" shape nipple is broken and will be repair with the old piece.

    Onto the fixing of the blue nipple. You will need to drill out the old diameter of the hole big enough to fit your new nipple (the one we got on the supplies list). Depending on what size nipple you get, drill it big enough for it to fit snudgly and not too lose. YOu want to drill it out starting with a smaller drill bit then stepping it up to get the closest match to the new nipple. Please dont drill all the way throught the other side, you need to enlarge that one hole only. You see how larger it is compare to the black nipple's hole!

    ONce its a good fit, you will need to modify the new nipple. The new nipple are identical on both end, so you will need to cut some material off one end with your razor blade; just enough so that the vacuum connector slides in all the way till it meets up with the part on the connector that sticks out on both side, that will give it more support when u JB weld it together. Now that you got your lenght right, you will need to make a cut out on that end short enough that it dont stick out when you put the new nipple in all the way. It's for the airflow pathway from the new nipple to the old nipple, if you dont the air flow might get distorted. Please face the cut out so that it is facing the old pathway.

    Once you done modifying it, now put it in, it should look somthing like this! See how its about the same length as the black nipple next to it, makes for a cleaner look!

    ***before JB welding any parts together, make sure you sand down the surface a bit to roughin it up for the jb weld to stick on, and make sure its not oily too***

    Now, Mix up your JB weld stuff, only the amount you need. I got the Quick drying one that dries up in about 4 minutes so that you can handle it, the old fashion one you gotta wait like 6 hours; then spread it over the new nipple and your old nipple making sure you dont cover up the spot where your gonna slide your vacuum tube or line over. Spread it all the way around for a nice air tight strong seal.

    Make sure you got a good chunk of JB weld on the Old nipple and the new nipple for a good strong new nipple.

    On to the other end of the black box, here in the pix I still have the old piece that broke off of it, we will put that piece back on.

    This is where you use the nail. Make sure the nail is about the right size of the hole. Stick the broken nipple over it, you will have to work it if your nail is a bit larger, then stick it in the old nipple that is on the black box like in my pix. That will hold it in place so u can JB weld it!

    Now, once that is in place nice and good, spread JB weld around it! Same thing here, make sure you get enough JB weld on there and far enough, cuss you want this sucka to be strong! Dont cover the part where your vacuum line gonna go over. Make sure you spread JB weld all around it for a good air tight seal.

    Now, even though you can handle it in about 4 minutes, wait for like 6 hours for the JB weld to fully cure and harden really strong before you stick it back on the motor and slide your vacuum tube over it. This wasnt so hard was it, depending on which nipple you working on, the procedure is all the same, either you replace a missing broken nipple, or you weld back up the old nipple! But be patient and take your time. And for the ones that wanna use somthing esle to cut the new vacuum connector tube, I dont recommend it, beacuse u wont get a nice clean cut like you would if you use a RAzor blade!
    Thanks for loooking, and now you can reuse your old black box.

    OK OK, after about 8 hours, try to pull the nail out, but the dam hole piece came out, this mean that the plastic are not too good for jb welding it back together, i highly recommend enlarging the hole and putting a new vacuum connector in for the nipple like the one that is white in my write up, dont use your old broken nipple, the weld doesnt adhere good to that plastic!
    Last edited by Caution; 09-10-2006, 04:58 PM. Reason: 8 hours afterward conclusionn!