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Eng. DIY adjustable fuel pressure reg. and gauge install

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    Eng. DIY adjustable fuel pressure reg. and gauge install

    i posted this up in the beginner forum but it belongs here

    First lets start with the tool list that you will need for the project
    1. ablity to wrench!
    2. a 17mm socket or gear wrench or wrench
    3. 21/64 metal drill bit
    4. Vise
    5. 1/8 27 NPT tap
    6. 4" crescent wrench

    second the parts list
    1. permatex thread sealent (GAS SAFE!)

    2. B&M adj. fuel pressure regulator part# 46057(sliver)46058(red)46059 (blue) and if you want purple #46051

    3. B&M fuel pressure gauge part # 46054

    now for the install

    first locate this handy bolt that honda provided us with along with the fuel pressure regulator

    for those interested the bolt is a M12 X1.25 thread

    next you remove the bolt using the 17mm socket or wrench

    next you clamp that baby in a vise and take the 21/64 drill bit and start drilling the center
    *** be sure to drill exactly center other wise the bolt WILL snap when you put it back into the fuel rail***

    after the hole is drilled (about 1/4"-1/2") down you tap it with the 1/8"NPT tap

    it should look something like this
    *** i added the thread sealent already***

    after taped check and see if the gauge will thread into the newly tapped hole

    disassemble the gauge from the bolt and put the bolt back into the fuel rail. once the bolt is tight, spin in the gauge LOOSELY by hand, then use the 4" crescent wrench to tighten down the gauge, once again dont over tighten this

    for comparison

    now give yourself a pat on the back because if you didnt have to go to the junk yard like i did to pull another bolt of the rail because you snaped the "S" out of it... one step ahead

    im not going to go over the Adj. Fuel pressure regulator with pictures because its so easy to do ill just go over the steps

    1. take out your existing FPR (Fuel Pressure Regulator) with the 10mm socket
    2. cut 1/4" from the top of the FPR (where the vacuum lead comes in) with a hack saw or cut off tool, dont worry about the spring inside B&M provides you with a new one.
    3. install the new spring, gaskets and sandwich the two halves together USE THE LOCK TITE PROVIDED!

    4. install the FPR back onto the fuel rail... should look like this

    finished... give the car time to get fuel and start it up check for leaks.

    im not sure what the stock honda fuel pressure is set at but i turned mine up to 40psi at idle, stock is 38psi


    im gearing up for turbo that DIY yet to come... i call it "project BUTT stock"
    I need NOS... give me one of these... make it 2... oh and hairy... i need it by tonight!

    Nice write up bro!! Dont they make a fuel pressure regulartors with the gauge already on the regulator?? Or are they all like this??
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      they do make an adjustable one... and its on ebay but its complete garbage and its hard to make it work with our cars ... B&M makes rad stuff... im a big fan
      I need NOS... give me one of these... make it 2... oh and hairy... i need it by tonight!


        good write up man.
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          yeah i fitted one myself it dont do much unless you really gonna mod up ur car with a turbine and fuel pump and all that other shit

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