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EXT : Gummiegorillas Do it Nice or Do it Twice A/C Retrofit !!

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    So i used the ultra 32-3maf polyol ester oil in my compressor and everything works great now. I filled it up with 100ml although the compressor was not 100% empty. I did this since i lost oil else where in the system


      Originally posted by Gummiegorilla View Post
      I can ASSURE you that I wasn't "missing" any pieces. I'm sorry to hear that you had such a difficult time doing this retrofit. I pulled this off in a day and I'm not "extremely" mechanically inclined. Just that fact that it took you 2 hours to install the power steering and alternator explains quite a bit. Please don't go putting down my DIY and intimidating others away from this project just because you couldn't figure out word for word instructions. If you had any difficulty beyond your level of mechanical inclination you could of easily shot me a PM and i would have been more that happy to assist you through it. Also you shouldn't be "phanaygling" any of the components, be it the A/C lines or anything else because you're compromising the integrity of that particular part.
      Whoa, guy. I sense some hostility. All I was trying to do was help, I promise! :-) I'm not trying to be malicious, just to help prepare people for this DIY.

      One thing that I noticed wasn't mentioned (correct me if I'm wrong) was that there are actually 6 discs to the DENSO compressor, and not 4. Only 4 were mentioned and only 4 were set up in the image to be shown on that towel. I had to look closely at the corner of an image of the compressor being taken apart to discover where these plates went. Of course, if I were paying attention to how it was taken apart, I wouldn't have had that issue. But my point is it wasn't apparently purposely mentioned or shown.

      Also, like it or not, there's always some working of a part or fastener back and forth at some point in this project; I've been working on my cars long enough to know that. AC lines are definitely no exception. They're thin, they're made of soft metal, and they're old!

      Above all, man, just calm down for a second, take a step back, take a breath, and read my post again. I'm sure you'll see that in another light, I wasn't trying to scare people away from this thing. Just wanted them to be more prepared, is all. I 99% love the DIY and it made me feel empowered to take this on, which I thank you for.


        thank you!! found this by accident but finally clear pictures of the bumper removal process, with picture links that aren't dead




            Awesome DIY, I had my R12 recharged about a year ago due to the o ring leak. The system is working now. However, I want to clean the evaporator and the condenser out, but I think the gas would leak out of the system. Is it possible to do the cleaning without leaking gas?


              every time i look at this is amazes me. this is happening for me this summer =D




                Too bad there wasn't a way to place that in the trunk other than that awesome!!!!!
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                Originally posted by deevergote
                Do you really need to make a thread asking if having your car like this /---\ will cause uneven tire wear? Try walking like that for a few weeks and see if your shoes wear funny! (hint: they will.)


                  The reason for rebuilding the compressor is the oil won't mix. The newer accords 94-97 a/c compressers can be used and you just need to swap the pulley out and the outlet plate on the top.
                  This worked for me, and might be easy to find. My compressor was from a 96 accord.
                  This is a great DIY. Ive done mine twice. Once the wrong way and the second time this way.

                  I do have a question that Maybe somebody can answer.
                  Has anybody used a Paralell flow condenser? They claim to be more efficient than our condeser which our tube and fin. My only complaint is Time it takes to cool and in traffic I get a rise in vent temps if I have not been driving the car with the a/c on for more than 10 min.

                  They have these condensers on ebay for around 65. You would have to get two hoses modified and prob would have to drill through the rad support to route the lines.

                  thanks for the great DIY.




                    Hi! I plan on replacing my O-Rings also. But I've been wondering, lately, does every single O-Ring in the kit, go into the a/c system?

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                      Originally posted by JDM_H22_SLEEPER View Post
                      does every single O-Ring in the kit, go into the a/c system?
                      When replacing the O-rings theres quite a few that need to be changed but over all youll use a little less than half of the kit if i remember right.
                      Hope this helps.

                      Peace, gummiegorilla.


                        humm makes me wonder if i should flush my system before i finish my retrofit even tho ive had a broken line for 2 years and there was no r12 at all in the system when we vacuumed the lines at work. probably wouldnt hurt so i dont your your "black death"


                          I'm following this DIY today, my system has been converted to R134a and my system holds a vacuum but the clutch is bad on my old compressor, so new compressor and drier go in today, the flush and o-ring change is just a precaution. I got another Denso compressor from the junk yard for $50 with a 6 month warranty. (TEST CLUTCH WITH 9V BATTERY BEFORE LEAVING THE YARD!)


                            I found this a long time ago and finally did it today and after replacing all O rings and 2 trips to the junk yard once for a new hose and another for a compressor since mine seized once the clutched enauged she's all charged and nice and cold!!!!! Finally after having this car for about 7 years the a/c works! Thanks for an awesome DIY!

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                              My stock one is still cold but this is nice for when when I would want to convert. Would all that fit in there with an h22 swap ?
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                                did i read right where one could use a 94-97 accord compressor? and does that already use the r134a stuff? would make cleaning the compressor step easier cause then you can just go to a jy and hope it works and just clean the lines out.

                                also wanna make sure i read right that the es r12 can be used so one wouldnt have to clean the lines n stuff?

                                either way i need to pull the lines and check for leaks and clean stuff up.

                                well i guess i dont have to pull the lines to check for leaks but i want to.
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