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EXT: Replacing Sunroof ( GLASS ONLY !! )

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    EXT: Replacing Sunroof ( GLASS ONLY !! )

    Disclaimer: I did this DIY by following the shop manual which can be downloaded from anyplace hosting it on the web. I am in no way responsible for you damaging your own car or injuring yourself. Do this at your own risk if you feel that you are competent enough to do so.

    I did this by myself with no problems and im not a mechanic, so it goes to show that an everyday joe can fix anything on his car by reading and following directions.

    When i purchased my 93 Ex back in high school, it had a crack in the sunroof from the previous owners. This didnt bother me too much since it didnt leak. Over the course of 8 years just like any windshield crack with the temperature changes the crack will spread. I took advantage of a 50% off junkyard day and got me a sunroof glass for 15$ + tax. The crack in the glass has finally gotten to the point to where it needs replacement. AND I DONT WANT TO REMOVE MY HEADLINER. I simply downloaded a shop manual and found the glass only install and did it myself. Here is goes.

    Tools Required:
    10mm socket ( i used a deep )
    Allan Wrench / Key ( not sure exactly the size )
    Blocks of wood that are barely taller than thread on sunroof ( you will see later )

    Extensions ( if you dont use a deep 10mm socket )
    Flathead screwdriver

    Remove beauty covers ( i used my hands )

    Remove bolts

    Remove the bracket under the bolt closest to the front of the car.

    You will have to lift and push toward the front of the car as the wind deflector is locked in it as well.

    Remove the wind deflector. Just wiggle it and it will come out easily.

    I took this time to vacuum

    Next remove this other bracket under the bolt farthest toward the trunk of the car. It lifts up with ease.

    There is another piece under that. Remove it by lifting.

    This is where the block of wood comes into play. The bracket for the bolt farthest toward the trunk of the car, must be lifted above the threads and the wood must be placed under to clear the threads.

    Now The glass may be slid forward. It should come with ease until the forward most slider attached to the glass reaches the end of the rail attached to the car.
    Once it begins to get tough you will have to push the glass forward while turning the motor and it will eventually come out.

    Notice the front slider is resting on my roof

    The rear slider will be next. Continue to turn the motor until it will no longer go with ease. The rear sliders forward most 1/2 should be visible.

    This is how it is sitting which is not visible.

    Simply & Gently push up toward the sky.

    This is what its resting on

    Out with the old

    I took this opportunity to vac between my roof and headliner and whatever else was under there. The sunshade can be removed by simply pulling it out by hand. I also generously applied grease to the tracks.

    The new glass rear sliders should look like this to make reinstall easy

    Repeat the steps in reverse order and you saved yourself 80-160$ depending on how much your stealership decided to try to buttrape you

    Upon reinstall you will most likely be slowed down by the front slider which slowed me down on the uninstall. What i did was tilted the glass to allow the rear portion to recede under the roof which will make the front sliders barely over the rails. I then used a flathead and slid one rail at a time over the front sliders. I fought the front rails on the reinstall for about 20 minutes until i resorted to the method above which worked with ease.

    I hope this DIY HELPS at least 1 person replace their glass or sunshade !
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    Come do mine man.

    My oem tint Is all fuked up insde the glass. Looks stupid as shit.
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      follow the directions and you should beable to do it. =P i did it myself with ease and i work in a dental office. =D =VENMO



        YES! finally there is a diy for this..great work bro.

        my problem is that my glass is stuck.motor works fine but something is keeping the glass from it hard to turn the allen wrench nut?

        thanks again,...i got work to do.


          the allen key isnt hard to turn on a properly functioning assembly until the front slider attempts to cross the entry/exit threshold. anywhere in between should be free flowing with little effort.

          i wouldnt force it though because if something breaks then you HAVE to take the whole roof down. You could at least take out your glass and clean your track and vac. hopefully that will solve your issue.



            Wow this is way harder on an accord than a legend. In a legend you can replace it in about 5 minutes with the removal of 4 easy to access 10mm nuts.


              yeah you arent joking. =P they made it pretty easy on the 4g & 5g ludes




                Awesome guide. Mine was shattered pretty bad. Took me about 30 minutes to remove the broken one. Once I got to my scrap yard I was able to pull one in about 10 minutes.
                Does anyone else have a monthly budget of 10mm sockets or is it just me?