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EXT: JDM One-Piece Headlight Lens Repair

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    EXT: JDM One-Piece Headlight Lens Repair

    So, I have had a spare set of One-Piecers for quite some time, due to the driver's side lens being broken. I decided to try and fix them with a side marker lens. (See THREAD) Well, I didn't like the look and happened to stumble upon some of those EBAY crap headlights at the junkyard and the wheels started turning in my head.

    Items needed:

    - Jdm One-Piece headlights (I did the pair, so they match)
    - EBAY One-Piece projector headlight lenses
    - Clear silicon or grey tail light sealant from Nissan Dealer
    - Headlight Polish
    - Microfiber Towel
    - Painters Tape (If black housing)
    - Black paint (Optional)
    - Silver Paint (Optional)

    Tools Needed:

    - Flat tip Screwdrivers
    - Dremel
    - Tie strap
    - Heat Gun

    1. Remove both sets of lenses and set aside. Here is a side by side comparison of the two:

    Pretty close. Here are some close-ups, so you can see the differences:

    2. Now you have to trim the nipples from the new lenses.

    Here they are trimmed:

    3. Optional step. Mask and paint the inside trim piece black. Let dry.

    Test fit. Nice.

    4. This is by far the hardest part of this DIY. Fitting the new lens to the JDM backs. You want to start at the corner light side and bottom. Finish off at the inside, upper corner, where you will have to notch the corner.

    This is the corner that will be notched:

    Clean the inside of the lens and all the chrome withe the microfiber towel. Be careful to not scratch the finish on the chrome.Use plenty of silicon or grey sealant for tail lights around the entire edge. Use the heat gun to heat it up and then push it together.

    When you get to the last corner, notch it like this, then heat it up good and use the strap to secure it in.

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    Black Housing DIY 1991 Wagon Morimoto Retrofit
    JDM One-Piece Headlight Lens Repair

    5. Optional step. I chose to mask off the lens and paint the underside silver live the original lens is.

    6. Polish the lens.

    The finished product:

    I hope you enjoyed, as much as I did.
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    Black Housing DIY 1991 Wagon Morimoto Retrofit
    JDM One-Piece Headlight Lens Repair


      This is perfect! Good job man! I have one piecers and one of them is cracked...def don't want to buy another set either. I'm going to try this myself when I get some free time. I'll be sure to post pics of the result. Thank You for posting this!!


        Awesome DIY. brings the one-piecers back to life. I had a similar idea also with the ebay onepiece projectors. Make onepiecers similar to the jdm ones by using the headlight lense off the ebays and putting them on the usdm oem. Because the back piece of the oems are 2 pieces, it's going to take alot of work though so its not just as easy as open, silicon, close.
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          Pics of them on the car!! You must you must you must!!! I would like to see what that looks like.
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          Originally posted by deevergote
          Do you really need to make a thread asking if having your car like this /---\ will cause uneven tire wear? Try walking like that for a few weeks and see if your shoes wear funny! (hint: they will.)






              This is much nicer than your last attempt.


                Good job bro!!! Great DIY now post pics of them on!!!

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                  So here are some pics of the headlights installed:

                  Black Housing DIY 1991 Wagon Morimoto Retrofit
                  JDM One-Piece Headlight Lens Repair


                    nice DIY but doesn't look good until your clean the ride and light it up ^____^


                      Light it up? You would show off the work that you did to your headlights by asking the viewer to look into a bright light? That sounds intelligent.
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                        do ebay 1 piece lights favor more towards 9293 or 9091? reason i ask is.... i got a set of 9091 jdm 1 piece lights and i have a 9293 coupe. would taking the ebay lenses and putting them on jdm lights make the whole combo fit better on 9293? thus eliminate the gap between headlight and bumper?
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