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EXT : Fog Light Lens Removal

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    EXT : Fog Light Lens Removal

    I've been asked how to do this probably 3 times in the last couple months alone. It's pretty simple and straight forward.

    There are several DIY's involving modification to OEM fog lights but they don't cover lens removal.


    Things you will need:

    Large flat head/ flat blade/straight screwdriver
    Small flat blade screwdriver
    Phillips screw driver
    8mm socket with ratchet
    Means of measuring time, phone, watch, clock, sun dial etc.
    And a fog light

    * Note I use a tire plug tool as it has a large surface are to use against the objects in this DIY. You don't need to do this. Although a flat/straight screw driver with a wide tip will provide the same effect.


    With the small flat blade screwdriver remove the adhesive away from the four tabs the best you can. There are tabs which are a part of the lens under the adhesive so be careful and patient. The tabs on the top are identified by the green arrows. There are two more just like this on the bottom.

    Pre-heat oven to 225*F.

    When the oven reaches 225*F place the fog light on a cookie tray and into the oven. If the fog light has moisture or rust inside of it then some particles may fall out when it drys. Use a cookie sheet to prevent the particles from falling into the oven.


    You will leave the fog light in the oven for 10 minutes.

    Prep a place to set the fog light down on when it's removed from the oven.


    After 10 minutes put the gloves on and remove the fog light from the oven. Take your flat blade screwdriver and pry along the bottom of the fog light between the fog light housing and the lens.

    Once you get the lens separated from the housing enough that they are not touching on the side you pried apart take the lens in one hand and the housing in the other and fold them the rest of the way apart somewhat slowly giving the adhesive time to let go. If it gets tough then place it back in the oven for 5 minuets and try again.

    To remove the "bucket" from the housing place the housing face down on a flat clean surface. Remove the cogwheel "lock" via two phillips screws.

    With your flat blade screwdriver, turn the cogwheel counter clockwise using the housing as leverage to spin the cogwheel like so. If your cogwheel appears to be seized or hard to turn note that it shouldn't be. Stop and assess the situation or you will risk breaking the housing. Mine was in pretty bad shape yet the cogwheel was easy to turn.

    Turn the two 8mm bolts counter clockwise as well. One is by the cogwheel the other by the L or R symbol on the opposing side of the housing.

    You can tell how much further you have to go by looking here on both bolts and cogwheel.

    When the bolts and cog wheel are loosened enough to remove the bucket from the housing you will be able to see about 7 or 8 threads in the plastic piece the bolt goes through. It doesn't just come apart when the bolts and cogwheel are backed off.

    You will gently remove the bucket from the lens by hand. With little effort and a slight wiggle the two will come apart.

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    Nice Write Up. That fog is rusty as fuq!!

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      Originally posted by DanCan View Post
      Nice Write Up. That fog is rusty as fuq!!
      Thank you!

      And yeah, seriously rusty. I have it almost completely repaired. About 3 hours in wire wheeling, sanding, coating and applying aluminum film thus far.