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DIY: Power Mirror Switch Repair

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    DIY: Power Mirror Switch Repair

    This DIY will help those of you with the problems of the sticky switch. In my case, everytime i try to move either of my mirrors to the right. the mirrors would continue going even after i stopped pressing the D pad. and the D pad was not sticking.

    After 15 years, lube tends to not work as well as it did the 1st day it was dispensed
    but ok on a serious note, this as well as a little dirt is most likely your problem.


    Here are the tools you will need
    small flat and philips screwdriver
    large screwdriver
    needle nose
    Vaseline ( not KY not WD-40 )

    1st thing to do is remove your door pannel ( 3 screws 1 pin and pull. if you dont know how to do this then stop while your ahead. )

    2 to take off the master control switch w/o damaging the arm rest, you have to remove the many screws on the back of the pannel as well as 3 or 4 little clips. remove all the pluging from the master control switch. there are 3 screws retaining the master control pannel in.

    I didnt have to do this because mine was already off for just such as an occasion. take your time on this step to avoid bending the armrest out of shape.

    3 ok here come the pix
    this is the 1st screw you want to remove. remember that this is the SHORT screw when u put it back together.

    4 from here just push the switch out. go ahead try to break it cause it wont happen. so if you break it then that sux cause i even tried.

    5 remove the LONG screw thats in the middle of the switch. u cant miss it trust me. its the only other screw on the switch.

    6 after that pry this little retaining clip away and PULL UP. here is where you CAN break stuff. I broke a clip on one and a lil piece of the yellow backing on the other but w/e u break on this doesnt really matter. itll still work perfectly.

    7 the 3 EASY FIXES

    Easiest fix is dirt on these little contacts.
    sometimes the metal might actually be missing. if so then just replace the chip.

    2nd easiest fix push the mirros D pad and push the white stubs out so u can grab them with your needle nose pliers. clean the dirt from the end and dip in vaseline
    replace and its ok for the lube to gush out.

    last fix and check are these little sliders
    DO THIS IN A CONTROLED Area meaning indoors where you have alot of open space and its clean so you can find these lil suckers if they pop out and fly everywheres.

    inspect that none of the little metal clips are bent or out of alignment with eachother. If one is pull the best one from your non working switch.
    while the slider is out lube the inside of the cubby with vaseline
    lastly replace the slider MAKING SURE THAT THE SPRING IS LOCKED IN THE YELLOW RETAINING SLOT !!! LUBE the angled part of the top of the slider avoiding the metal fingers.
    also be sure when you put everything back together that the small white slider at the top for the L and R mirrors fits in that little groove or your will either break it or it just wont work.

    you would be pissed the hell off to have to take everything back off just because u didnt spend 20 extra seconds testing everything thoroughly.

    sometimes the lube needs to get all over so play around with it for a little bit but if the switch still isnt working properly. then swap around parts between the 2 switches from D pads to the green Chips and white sliders. you will get a working combo in there somewhere.

    I have to Go back to work. wrote this on my lunch break. ill make corrections and explain details better whenever i have more time.

    Hope this helps some of you with this problem.
    UPDATE 6-9-08

    My control switch nvr worked better. i dont have the sticky switch anymore. so far so good. ill let u guys know if it fails to continue working properly. DO THIS !!! IT WORKSS !!!
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    I have this problem and i think ima see about doing this tomorrow.

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    Originally posted by Jarrett
    Is there a goal you're trying to accomplish besides looking dope as hell?


      Wow I will have to try this right away. I changed mines just yesterday because it was doing this for almost a year. Thanks for the info its already working!!

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        i might post up how to remove the arm rest but wont be any time soon. this was already time consuming enough but glad to see that i put the general idea out there and helping some cb7 tuners out. keep em workin and keep em clean guiz =VENMO



          i need to know how to remove the armrest i was looking at it and it looks hard haha

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            the hardest part is taking off those black clips on the bottom. once u flatten those with a plyers then the rest is philips screws. srry but i didnt have to do it but i can post up pix of what u need to remove if it will help some. cant say when tho




              getting the arm rest off is the easiest thing in the world.

              come on chris, if you go out there with a screw driver it really is common sense...i'm not trying to be rude or anything, but it really is easy. i would post a DIY if i still had my accord.


                yeah its really easy if u look at it. if u can get the door pannel off then u can get the armrest off.




                  Somebody has working power mirrors now. err...again.

                  Thanks xkj.

                  I'll add that those 3 clips on the back/bottom of the armrest are a BITCH! I ended up just forcing 2 of them out and left the 3rd one in place.

                  Also, be careful with the white spring clips. Mine flipped out and luckily i was inside otherwise i may have lost them outside. this INDOORS.

                  And i had to use more vaseline than i thought id need. I lubed everything up and put the switch back together and tried it out and it kept getting stuck, so i just took it apart, and dipped each part in Vaseline and slid em around and moved back and forth a bit.

                  Then i put it back together and tried it out and it works. Yay me!

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                  Originally posted by Jarrett
                  Is there a goal you're trying to accomplish besides looking dope as hell?


                    hahah thats great!! glad to see people are actually finding this useful or even have this problem.

                    but yes by no means will it ALWAYS work on the 1st time
                    . you have to keep lubing and swapping parts until you get a perfect combo. beats buying a whole new switch IMO and idk how much those are but you gotta take it out n e ways so might as well learn how to fix it.

                    and yeah those clips at the bottom of the rest are the bitches but honda made sure for one thing that your arm rest does not go anywhere ! haha




                      Bump for this, just did it to mine and it works great.


                        I'm gonna try this, mine just began doing that last weekend, so here is the fix, thanks a lot!
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                          shows how much us tuners want to save money.

                          Originally posted by kc8enb07
                          does it come w/ jdm trash? they better throw away gold in it


                            Originally posted by Cb7GHOST View Post
                            shows how much us tuners want to save money.
                            lol either that or want their shit to work right. this trick is still working strong for me.
                            haha and i do the DIY's on the most minuscule, irritating, and dumbest problems/parts.

                            it did hang up once but that was cause i didnt adjust it for a while
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                              wow great right up and to know that you did it on your lunch break

                              Originally posted by visualpoet
                              some owners think it's the best thing since titties