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INT : Trunk Stripping & Rear Seat Removal

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    INT : Trunk Stripping & Rear Seat Removal

    Here is how to easily strip your trunk to save some weight.

    I am not responsible for any... pain, broken bones, sneezing/sniffling, night time cough, insomnia, your stupidity, bad dreams, constipation, humping dogs, tumors, crying children, job loss, impotence, castration, death or anything else. You are doing all of this at your own risk!

    You need:
    Flat-head screwdrivers. Various sizes.
    Metric Socket set.
    If stripping tar, Dry Ice & gloves.
    Upholstery tools work too. (10thcb7)

    Ok, lets get started.
    First start off with a clean trunk. Vacuum it if you want

    Pull this and push your back seat down.

    Run a screw driver under this "carpet pin" and pry it up. do so on the other side also.

    lift the carpet to the top and start pulling the carpet off the clips on the top.

    Pull the 3 pins out of the bottom so you have this.

    These clips may be attached to the particle board so look for them. (mine weren't)

    Pull the particle board and carpet out so you have this.

    Ok now pull the cover off your jack storage and pull the jack out also pry up the carpet pin in there.

    No Pic!

    Pull the pin out of the wall of the trunk on the right.

    Go back to your back seat and pull these pins out of the vinyl on each side.

    Remove the vinyl covers.

    Pull the pins out of the carpet attached to these braces.

    Pull the walls to the side.

    Go back to the trunk side and pull both of the carpet "walls" out.
    You should have this. Stop here if you plan to put it all back in soon.

    ADD! *Easy Abs light turn off!!!!*
    ABS light on, but don't have the cash to get it fixed?
    Simply take the 3 bolts out to get the computer bracket off. (2 at top 1 under relays).

    and unplug the fucker!

    It is ok to unplug this computer if your abs light is on, and you know you aren't going to fix it. If your abs light is on, you don't have abs braking anyway. This just makes it so you don't have to stare at that yellow light while driving.
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    Continuing with our stripping process, take the doors off the tail lights.

    Remove the nut thats beside the light on both sides.

    Go to the bottom of the carpet and pull these pins out on both sides

    Than pull these big guys out on both sides.

    Ok now the lip of the trunk has these things. Just crank on them with a screw driver to get them out. There in their pretty good. (woo! proper grammar!)

    Run a screwdriver under this lip while pulling up a bit to start un-clipping it.

    Pull it up and out!

    You can take the spare out if you want. I leave mine in there, Murphy's law.

    Don't forget to put the jack & tools back in.
    Now comes the dry ice to get this tar out.

    joking... I don't have any, so I just left it in there. If you do want to get it out, put some gloves on, and spread the dry ice over the tar. Than when its good and cold, whack it with a hammer., It should come right out.

    You can also work it with a screwdriver, but it takes forever.

    Nice pile of junk! id say maybe 20-30 lbs.

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      Now to get the back seats off take these 12mm bolts out of each side near the bottom.

      Pull the back out and remove this one lonely 12mm bolt out of the bottom cushion.

      Pull the bottom up like this, and lift it out.

      Now you can take the seatbelts out if you want. I didn't have a big enough socket. (Thats what SHE said!) rofl. I'm sorry.

      Ok now remove the bolt from the bottom of each of the side cushions and simply pull them up and out.

      Remove the seat hinge brackets if you want

      Done! Go have your self a cup of tea or something.

      That should have eliminated at least 50bs. maybe about 70 if you take the spare and tools out.
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        Why? i like my Interior and Truck Pieces

        that's good for weight redution =)

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          nice, i did this before, but i was gutting my entire car for an interior swap.

          But man, your trunk is clean as fuck under all that shit.

          Im sure some people will like this.


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            Originally posted by 10thcb7
            wow thats wierd you made this at the same time I got done with mine(trunk interior seats decklid) and I was gonna do a write up but no pics so you win!!

            Id like to add tho. Its not entirely neccessary to remove the carpet from the back of the seat, its easier to take the carpet out once the seat is out of the car. Be VERY careful in removing the tabs/clips from any part of the car use a screwdriver(or upholstery tools like me!) and a light and do it slowly (*punt*).
            And when removing the back seats its best to leave the whole bracket on the seat because once you put them in your gonna struggle with that little mofo.

            I wouldnt have cut those wires and I do not reccomend this cause thats how BS electrical problems happen.

            Great DIY. *Id make a diy for the decklid put one exist i did it with out braking a tab !*
            Thanks! Im going to isolate the wires here soon enough with some electrical tape. I'm pretty sure all they controlled was the abs (all orange clips).
            I eliminated that part. its all good.
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              Funny enough, I was drinking a cup of Earl Grey tea while reading this



                Very nice write up, however, I must say, the removal of everything is definitely not 100-150 lbs as stated. I would say 50 tops. However, once you get into removing sound deadening material, it could be different, but I doubt it would equate to that much. I had this done in my car, and did a little strip of carpet to cover the hole to the back.

                Regardless, nice write up.
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                  Yeah x2 on that. Not 100-150 pounds for sure. I take my rear seats out all the time. I know they dont weigh more than 50. I have just about fully gutted my car at some point, minus the tar delete. Difference? Eh...nothing noticable. If you do track times then yes maybe. Worth it? If your car is only for you and you alone than go for it. Or you can keep the passenger seat. Honestly, if you gutt it out, might as well go all the way instead of half-assin it.

                  This is a great DIY though. Good for the fresh members.

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                    i am almost done with my tar removal, and have bagged all the tar. so when i am done i will weigh it for everyone, and update the weight reduction thread. i am only removing the tar in the actual trunk and below the backseat bench part.

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                    Originally posted by d112crzy
                    So you're throwing a bitch fit because some other girl at school has the same nail polish and skirt as you do?


                      i gutted the back half on my mazda. not sure of the actually weight loss. I also removed the rear door panels, sound dampening material and heat insulation.


                        i would but when i store bodies back there i dont think they will be comfy enough and there is no mafia


                          Nice, the weight saving is pretty significant actually.

                          I don't remember the exact numbers but from what I can remember: spare and tools ~35lbs, spare lid ~ 6lbs, trunk lining/plastic pieces ~ 5lbs, tar ~ 5lbs, rear speakers and the panel above trunk ~6lbs, rear seat and seat belts ~46lbs, bumper support ~25 lbs, rear flor mats ~ 2lbs, rear door pannels - 13lbs.

                          Total - over 140 lbs

                          I know most people will not remove all the things mentioned above, but I just wanted to prove that you CAN remove 150lbs from the rear if you are serious about weight reduction. IMO go big or don't do it at all.

                          But you should also lighen the front of the car after this is done.

                          EDIT: Just remembered other little things: mud guards, rear window regulators, sway bar (EX only) and mufflers that are much lighter than the stock unit.
                          It can easily add up to over 150lbs just in the rear of the Accord. Just wanted to prove my point
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                            damn soo many clips holding that stuff in vs the 3rd gen accords !
                            great write up man and striped trunk and rear seat FTW
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                              Originally posted by chessboxer View Post
                              Very nice write up, however, I must say, the removal of everything is definitely not 100-150 lbs as stated. I would say 50 tops. However, once you get into removing sound deadening material, it could be different, but I doubt it would equate to that much. I had this done in my car, and did a little strip of carpet to cover the hole to the back.

                              Regardless, nice write up.
                              what carpet did you use and did in half? i just finished mine yesterday and i'm covering the hole too

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