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INT: Coupe Door Sill Garnish w/ Pictures *56k DIE!!*

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    INT: Coupe Door Sill Garnish w/ Pictures *56k DIE!!*

    Ever seen those door sill garnishes with the car's name printed into it? usually metallic? These are more commonly seen on higher-end model cars, but here's a project that you can do that's relatively easy and really sets off the interior of your accord, giving it that extra touch of class and luxurious feel. (during the time your door is open, at least)

    I was inspired by the NSX door sill garnishes, and decided to do something similar.

    I am not responsible for any unintentional damages your car or car parts may experience when you perform this DIY. If your car DOES experience any damage... :[ I feel for ya. But please don't blame me this DIY is fairly simple, and all cutting is (should be) done safely away from your car.

    I performed this DIY on my COUPE door sill garnishes. All pictures depicted will be for the coupe's door sills.

    If you would like to do this DIY to your SEDAN, the following directions will still apply with minor adjustments. You will still find the halfway point on your door sills, but the actual length measurement will be shorter. You will also need to measure/cut/apply four times, as opposed to two times... And four badges instead of two.
    *END NOTE*

    Tools Needed *Separated by which step each tool is needed for*

    Measuring Step
    -Writing Stuff (Pencil, Pen, Sharpie/fine-tip marker)
    -Blue Painter's Tape/Masking Tape
    -Measuring Tape (at least 35in. long)

    Cutting Step
    -Dremel, with an attachment that will grind away at the hard plastic, a fine-tip attachment (for corners) and a bigger one.
    *If you don't have a dremel, you can always use a razor! don't know how well it would cut, but it's worth a shot
    -some fine sandpaper, I used 800grit.

    Applying the Badge Step
    -rubbing alcohol (to clean the surface) and some tissue paper/cotton balls
    -lotion, or body oil. something oily. *helps to break down the stickiness of the sticky stuff on the backside of the badge*
    -Double-Sided Tape, slim size
    -blow-dryer (to heat the tape to stick better)

    Get it on the Car Step
    -Something to pry off your old door sill garnish (if you were hacking up a spare...)

    Parts Needed
    -At least 2 accord badges, preferably 4th gen badges (perfect width, and would match the car) *SEDAN: you will need 4 badges*
    -A set of coupe door sill garnishes (2 in the set). You could use the ones you already have or find a spare pair. I found a spare pair just in case, because I don't like hacking something up if I don't have a back-up. *SEDAN: You will need a full set of door sill garnishes (4 in the set)*



    Step 1) Apply masking tape across the ridged section of the door sill.

    Step 2) Line up the end of the measuring tape with the topmost ridge of the garnish

    Step 3) Making sure the measuring tape is straight and flat, tape down the measuring tape on the other side of the garnish. Your measuring tape should read "35 inches" from one side to the other.

    Step 4) Mark the half-way point (17.5"), or wherever you feel like putting the badge.

    Step 5) Line up your Accord badge, making sure it's really centered. Do whatever it takes. I made marks on either side of the center mark to precisely center my badge. *See pictures for clarification*

    Step 6) Outline the box area

    Step 7) Put your badge in the box, and then outline the badge. Fill in the outline with pencil or whatever to make it easier to see.

    1 door sill garnish done! repeat the process for the other door sill, making sure that "accord" is facing the correct direction


    Step 8) Get a knife, and cut out the area that you shaded in with a pencil earlier *the accord badge's shadow*

    Step 9) Dremel the revealed area, taking care not to let the dremel jump around and start eating up parts of your door sill you DON'T want dremeled >_<. The masking tape will help guide you and make sure you don't cut up anything that shouldn't be cut up. use a fine-tip attachment to get into that corner where the "A" will be. After the ridges are all cut out, test-fit the accord badge and see if it can fit in the area you cut. If it does not fit, dremel the ridges back a hair more each time until the badge fits. Finally, use the sandpaper to smooth down the area.

    *NOTE: ONLY CUT THE RIDGED PARTS. The ridged area is already the perfect width, and gives plenty of space above and below the badge. take care NOT to cut the solid material area.*

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    Applying the Badge:

    Step 10) Clean your badges. I used those polishing cloths for glasses to get the letters to shine. A little tip: To get that old sticky stuff off the backside, rub some lotion/body oil on it, and let it soak for like 15 minutes. come back and start scraping it off with something, like a razor or your nails. Get as much off, repeat as necessary until you are satisfied that you have a clean enough surface. careful not to cut into your badges!

    Step 11) Get your slim double-sided tape (I got it at wal-mart), and cut it to the shape of the badge. Apply to badge.

    Step 12) Clean the door sills with some rubbing alcohol

    Step 13) Using a blow-dryer, heat up the double-sided tape to make it adhere better to the door sill. when applying it to the door sill, press firmly and ensure that it is on. FIRMLY. Don't be lazy! and hold it there. keep your fingers/thumbs on that badge and let the adhesive cure for a bit before you let go.

    Step 14) Stand back and admire your new door sill garnishes! This is how they should look like when you are finished with this project.

    Get them on the car!!!

    Step 15)
    If you were working on a spare set: remove your old door sill garnishes (assuming you had some. ). you are able to use your hands for this part.
    If you were using your original set: Pretend to remove your old door sill garnishes.


    If you have any questions about this DIY, feel free to ask and hopefully I'll be able to answer your questions haha
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      nice A+ for creativity

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        hahaha thanks bro, you should give it a try if you got the time! ;D a little present for your CB
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          I dig it.

          Gotta watch out with that Dremel action, though. That can get tricky if you're not using heads suited for small area sanding and detailing.

          Great step-by-step instructions.

          I'm pretty sure 5th gen Accord floor mats have metal badges that are able to take more abuse than these trunk garnishes, however.
          My pictures/photos will return soon...


            The garnishes might look better on the sedan, the garnishes are too long on the coupe. But it does look pretty pimp.



              People like this guy is what sets themselves apart from the rest.

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                Originally posted by jdm_inspired View Post

                People like this guy is what sets themselves apart from the rest.


                Great step-by-step process as well.


                  That's a nice diy feature! I would do this on my coupe if I get some good looking emblems from a jy.



                    nice A+ for creativity


                      haha thanks a lot for checking out my DIY, really appreciate the feedback!

                      @Joshy: Yeah, it was my first time using the dremel, so I spent much of my time reading the manual and seeing what heads would cut/grind away. I think I ended up just using this sander-looking attachment to slowly eat away at the material, whatever worked really. someone who has more experience with a dremel would probably get this part done with a quickness I was workin on it til the sun went down!

                      METAL BADGES!? that'd be awesome, I never knew that! The neat thing about where the badge is positioned on the sill is that (and I tested it, haha) its perfectly in an area where no one will be (or SHOULD be) stepping. getting into the back seat, people would just stick their leg into the car, or step on the far side. getting in the front seat, people would do the same, just stick their leg in. it's in a very "strategic" place so i haven't had any problems with people kicking it off. and so far, no worries of it getting knocked off by the door, which is the reason why i dremeled the inset in the first place

                      @Sarthos: Yeah, after i was finished with it, I was like "hmm... pretty small detail" after taking it away from my face, but it adds that little extra, and the gleaming from the badge when light hits it is perfect visual candy. I'd be stoked to see someone try this on their sedan and see what it looks like!

                      @jdm_inspired: thanks bro, glad you liked it maybe give it a go on your black coupe, on a black door sill garnish i think this would probably look hella sick

                      @excalibur02: hahah helll yeah! I got two badges at first, but i'm a perfectionist and I noticed that the way I took em off left some etches on the edges, really unnoticeable, but I would know they're there. so I went back to the junkyard and started popping some more badges in a different manner till I racked up enough perfect looking badges for use and for SPARE. I love spare parts, haha

                      Thanks again for checking this out!
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                        A+, period.


                          uuuuuuuuuu really nice, sth new

                          A+ for creativity
                          A+ also for the hole in your sock mate

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                            Might try this on a sedan. Oh, you need new socks. Your little piggy is sticking out, he looks kinda cold.


                              this is simply nice

                              enV this!!!!

                              member ride thing


                              93accordSE video!