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INT: Replacing a Window master switch

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    INT: Replacing a Window master switch

    Hi all, i recently got some new door cards and discovered that the drivers side power window switch which it came with was busted. I replaced it today and decided to make up a diy.

    Firstly, youre going to need to take your door card off, start by removing the screws and clip highlighted in the picture below.

    Good, now you are ready to insert a flat head screw driver under the door panel and gently pry out, popping loose the retaining clips. once you get them all popped loose tilt the door handle trim a bit and slide the door card up and out. Now flip that bad boy over and get ready for the next step. take out the eight screws and three metal clips highlighted below (if you take out more than eight screws you messed up somewhere along the way. put your door card back on and start over.)

    Now you can pop the arm rest off and check out that sweet ass window switch.
    Take out the three screws holding it in and remove it.

    Once it is loose use a precision screw driver or pocket knife and pop off the dust cover and youll see these three screws around the edge of the switch. pull em out and you are now ready to put your new (17 year old) window switch in. check that shit out:

    Now is a good time to clean any part of the arm rest which would be hard to reach when assembled. I prefer to use a toothbrush, firm bristled with some Tough Stuff foaming cleaner. The key is to brush it in a circular motion, if you arent brushing it in a circular motion, you might as well be jerking yourself off.

    Installation is the reverse of removal for everything, dont break anything, and good luck!

    can i tell you i thought of this DIY before but you got it documented before me, niiiiice, worked too. but also something that should be noted. On the side which the switches are shown on. there's a black rubber piece that fits over it to keep dust out. You may want to take that off (take your time please. for these things are very old and will tear easily if your not careful). So take that off and clean some more. then do the reverse like what Scudweiser said. OH amm, when puttin back together, please try to put it back together as securely and firmly as possible. Because if you dont, one of your switches may act like a douchebag and not wind up the window unless you hold it firmly (this happened to me).
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