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INT: DIY: Door Handle Repair

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    INT: DIY: Door Handle Repair

    Door handle repair ( pix being uploaded ATM . posted this from my iphone T__T please bear with me ) pix taken with iphone sorry T__T

    So you might be asking yourself ... xkjnboix ... Y the hell would i want to repair this door handle.*
    Well im glad u asked. If you have gray or mocha interior a DX model or a coupe you can relate that its hard as hell to find a nice condition door handle in your color coupe or sedan, manual or power. *I personally found myself running through all three salvage yards within 35 miles from my house, unable to locate a driver door handle for or a sedan and on top of that gray and power. This simple task was now a headache and all i needed was the chrome handle. So i took a second lap around the yard and found the best condition chrome handle and made my merry way to the checkout.

    Personal protective Equipment**********************************
    Gloves ( Kevlar if possible )
    Safety glasses*

    Tools needed******************************************** ***
    Multi Alan wrench
    Saw blade ( handle optional ) Gunrunner "I used my dremel with a cutting wheel instead of a hack saw"
    Flat head screw driver
    Needle nose pliers

    Philips screwdriver
    Wire cutting pliers

    Parts needed******************************************** ***
    Broken door handle
    Replacement chrome handle

    Lets begin**************
    Uninstall the broken door handle from your car

    Look at the back of the broken door handle

    Remove the plastic piece which holds your door latch hanger by squeezing the two flaps together and pushing toward the fat ends ( if it breaks then you have another on your replacement handle )

    Peel back the sound proof material ( if present ) to expose the top and bottom of the rivet pin

    Carefully without cutting yourself through your glove, cut the top of the rivet off with either a hacksaw or dremel ( Gunrunner ). ( attempting to bend this flare can result in damaging the door handle or weakening the integrity, therefore it is best to cut the flared rivet head to maintain the longevity of your nice handle you desire to keep )

    After carefully cutting the head off, find the Alan key small or large enough to push the pin as well as fit through the handle hole. You could also use a Philips screwdriver to push the pin through enough to grab the opposite end with the needle nose pliers. ( Whichever is easier for u )

    Once the pin is out, your handle will fall to pieces. Luckily you have a second handle to have a visual reminder as to how the handle is to be put back together. ( study it or just refer to previous pictures )

    You now have your handle housing you wish to keep. Your handle spring, door hanger plastic, and pin. The broken handle is useless and is ready to be replaced.

    Take the handle you obtained from salvage with a good chrome handle and repeat what you just did to remove the broken handle.*
    Afterwards retain the good handle and add it to good handle housing and parts

    Now its time to put everything back together**************************************

    Begin by taking your good housing and placing the good handle inside

    Notice the back of the chrome handle has a tiny ledge on it. This is where the small end of the spring will go.

    The spring will contour with the inside if the door handle and it should lay with the coils closest to your body and the ends closest to the handle. The long *end goes toward the automatic lock switch if one is present ( if not then just pretend ) there are large grooves to guide you to the proper location of this long end.

    Take the good pin install it from the top of the handle as it was originally so it doesnt somehow work itself out from the bottom ( if installed upside down ) and aggravate you by breaking again an loosing all of your small small parts in your door skeleton
    Reinstalling the pin is the trickiest part of this DIY. Use the flat head screw driver to help guide the tail of the pin tough the spring and bottom mounts while keeping the spring in its proper spot. The bottom is the hardest spot to repin. You will find yourself very frustrated lining it up with the lower hole and pushing it through. Take your time and use the flathead to help guide. Dont break your door handle on the last step!!! *

    Afterwards reinstall the door hanger holder with the C shape toward the center of the handle and the two flaps will go toward the outside of the handle

    Flip the handle like it would be installed in your car and give the chrome handle a tug. If installed properly it should function like your other door handle(s)

    Congratulations you now have repaired your door handle without having to hunt and drive all over creation for your color, make, and model.

    ************************************************** ****************************
    I hope a couple of you members find this useful esp u mocha interior, manual window, and coupe cb7tuners.
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    you know I got fired from a mechanic job for fixing a starter instead of replacing it.

    excellent writeup, waiting for the pics


      I used my dremel with a cutting wheel instead of a hack saw, but whatever works. Nice write-up
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        @bobbycos pix are up

        @GunRunner yes a dremel would work too but i didnt have one available with me working a few states away from home when it happened unfortunately T__T =VENMO