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INT: Custom door sills

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    Ooooh, good idea on the pinstripe! That would fit inside the grooves of the sill.

    I think the pinstripe would have adhesion issues to the plastic though.


      You already how to clean the surface for peel and stiick tape.. wat u may need to do it. Apply a super thin layer of silicone then stick it down. No matter how good the double sided tape or w/e may b. When the hot assweather comes around it may start 2 peel. I hope my window visors don't fall off this yr. I used real 3m tape. Not the cheapo harbor freight stuff.

      Also I had to apply silicone to my rear visor because rain, dirt, and some heavy winds make it loose. Really loose, to thepoint it wasn't totally sticking on the sides and around the top.

      Silicone glue ftw. Btw fix ur carpet meng. It stickin up out the sill
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        Carpet doesnt fit right. Only possible solution I can think of that will actually hold is velcro.


          looks good mikey another good write up!

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            Originally posted by crazymikey View Post
            Slick. I was actually thinking of doing the same idea with paint, but using silver.
            Silver? Someone say silver? I'm down with that idea! Just reverse the idea...silver with black trim and then repaint the emblem black. Or when painting them tape the emblem down to the original black, paint, let dry and remove emblem... would it work?
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              Try it and tell us.