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INT:DC Integra Bigger Clock Conversion

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    INT:DC Integra Bigger Clock Conversion

    I recently swapped my Oem Dash Clock from my CB
    For a DC Integra Dash clock

    I like The visibility of The Bigger numbers on the CB, With the White color of the DC integra with has skinny numbers

    Tiny Screwdriver

    1 Get in your car and pull your clock out

    2 Take the 4 Screw's off the back of each

    3 take the motherboards and swap them (both LCD light up Green its a difference in the Filter color that changes things)

    Put them back together and enjoy the Bigger clock with in the white Color

    if you cant find a DC integra in your J.y with a clock still there Because there parts go quick

    you can Easily use this and just find a way to swap the Green color filter on the front to something redish to get the (White) color

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    This only works with jeco accord clocks ( came out of JHM Japanese made cb7s ) because the internals are the same as the integra clock. I've had this mod for like 2 years lol


      Some pictures would be nice
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        also, if you like the font of the DC, but want to keep the blue-green color to match with the rest of the interior, you can swap the front of the accord clock onto the integra clock. I opted for that method, since the font size would match my integra stereo, but the lighting would match the rest of my lights (except the integra radio)

        I've noticed that the integra clock font is clearer as well. The accord font, although bigger, is blurrier than the integra clock. I realized this when I sat in my friends CB and looked at his clock and noticed a big difference.
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