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INT: Sedan Door Panel Removal

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  • excalibur02
    Uploaded lucifer1 pictures. Photobucket is wack

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  • mugencivic4dr
    this is exactly what i was looking for, thanx for posting pics on how to remove the panels.

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  • 10thAnnivCB7
    I lost my door handle screw and from now and then it comes off

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  • CB7_JAY91
    Awesome write up!!

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  • Bad_dude
    Always good DIY from this guy. Lol.
    Could you do one on regreasing the windows for smoother rolling?

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  • LadyG
    The indicator circles in your pics are great. Well written, easy to follow!
    Good Work!

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  • Jarrett
    This is a great guide. It's one of those simpler projects that not everyone feels comfortable with doing but is easy once you're familiar. You've done well to show the beginning users just how easy of a process it is.

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  • lucifer1
    started a topic INT: Sedan Door Panel Removal

    INT: Sedan Door Panel Removal

    INT: Sedan Door Panel Removal

    Tools needed
    Philips screwdriver
    Small flat blade

    Removing The Front Passenger Panel:
    Drivers door is similar

    1)Use small flat screwdriver and pop out the clip in the upper front corner.

    2)Use a small flat screwdriver and pop up the screw cover in lower rear of panel and remove the philips screw.

    3)Use a small flat screwdriver to remove screw cover from armrest pull and remove philips screw.

    4)Use a small flat screwdriver and pop up the screw cover behind the pull handle and remove philips screw.

    Slide handle forward to front of car to release the hooks and pull towards yourself. Remove door lock switch wire connector(A) and unclip rod(B). Remove door panel screw(C)

    After all fasteners are removed, remove panel by pulling with your hands starting at the front and rear bottom of the panel.

    After the clips are released, push upward from the rear to unhook the top of the panel.

    Unclip the window switch and courtesy light connectors

    Reinstall in reverse order

    Removing The Rear Panels:

    Removing the rear panels. This is similar to the front front but easier.

    Remove the interior handle as instructed for the front except there is not a door lock switch to disconnect
    Remove the screw behind the interior handle
    Remove armrest pull handle screw cover and screw

    Pull the panel from bottom to release the clips, then push upward from the rear to remove the panel.

    Disconnect power window switch and courtesy light connectors.

    Reinstall in reverse order.
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