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INT: Fixed Blower Motor

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    INT: Fixed Blower Motor

    So my blower went out I think about 2 years ago. I saved the old one because I don't throw that kind of stuff away. Tonight I decided to take a look at when I was going through some old stuff. Anyway, I can't really think of another way for the motor to go out other than my problem. I guess with a lot of running time some fixes may be a bit more extensive, but still doable. This motor had about 320,000 miles on it. Before I did anything the motor wouldn't turn at all. Completely dead.

    First take the motor apart.

    Two phillips bolts

    Pull the insides out together carefully

    To remove the top you need to pull back the connectors and tape them so you don't rip anything. Then you can just pop the top of the center. The problem you will have is those little blocks will either be completely worn, the spring may be broke, or the connection broke loose. In my case the wire brook loose of the solder. So I just soldered it back on and re assembled.

    And now it works!
    '93 H22A 5SPD SE - MRT - DIY-Turbo Sizing - Chassis Dynamics Data

    diagnosing problems for the win! thank you! repairs are always great
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      Nice. Does this have the brushes that most electrical motors have and alts?
      Good job. Mine is on the way out.



        I have no idea, I don't dabble it worn out motors/generators at all. I was working on an Arduino project and came across the motor and decided to take a look.
        '93 H22A 5SPD SE - MRT - DIY-Turbo Sizing - Chassis Dynamics Data


          Stoner51 the brushes are the pixie fairy things above the yellow arrow in the last picture

          ziptie 4 tooth brushes on the shaft and you have a cheap automatic toothbrush =P

          great DIY!! repped