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INT: Custom mirror tweeter pods

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    INT: Custom mirror tweeter pods

    Tweeter location has many factors to determine the wanted sound stage. Sometimes aesthetics are more important than sound quality. The mirror panel is a less than optimal location but can achieve a semi custom, semi stock look. Fashion over function. With that said, this shows how to custom mount tweeters in the mirror trim panels.

    Tools needed
    • Air saw
    • Belt sander
    • Mini da sander
    • Paint gun
    • Hot glue gun
    • Drill and 1-5/8" hole saw

    • E30 tweeter mirror panels
    • Assorted sandpaper
    • Zap A Gap ca glue and Zip Kicker
    • High build primer
    • SEM Paint
    • Silicone
    • Hot glue

    They are varying ways to do this. With the slimness of the mirror panels, it is necessary to build out. To simplify and speed up the process, use a tweeter panel from another car and graft it to the accord. A BMW e30 is suitable for this.

    Start by cutting out the built out portion of the e30 panel. Use a belt sander and shave piece down to fit accord panel. Once the outer dimension is where it needs to be, notch, bevel, contour the angle to desire.

    After all the shaping is done, mark out the tweeter hole in accord panel. Use a 1 5/8" hole saw to make the hole and then a file to elongate the hole a bit.

    Sand down the pieces with 80 grit sandpaper. Sanding plastic with heavy grit paper fuzzes up the plastic and impedes sanding. So take 400 and knock the fuzz off and sand again with 80, repeat the process until all texture is gone.

    Now the pieces can be attached together. Use Zip Kicker and Zap A Gap to glue together. For the big gaps, use pieces of abs and glue in. Once it is set in place, use the glue and build up contours and fill edges and gaps. After it is built up, sand and shape with 80 grit.

    Once it is looking good, install in vehicle for 1-2 weeks while the Zap a gap is curing/outgassing/shrinking. Contrary to popular belief, it takes time to cure properly.

    The next step depend on how well the last step is done. If there needs to additional shaping or filling then a filler can be used. Regular body fillers do NOT stick to plastic. You need one for plastic. For small thin filling Evercoat Poly-Flex will work. For larger filling Evercoat Fiber Tech. If you don't need any large shaping/filling you can go directly to priming.

    You want to use a high build catalyzed filling primer and cover the entire panel. Build up the primer sufficiently so it can be sanded and shaped. Spray guide coat over the primer and use 400 grit paper to sand. Sand until the guide coat is gone. You may have to do this process more than once. When it is perfect, reinstall in vehicle for 1-2 weeks for the primer to cure/shrink.

    After the 1-2 weeks, examine the panel and you should see some shrinkage/outlining of bodywork. Guide coat and sand again. Finally you can spray a finish on it. SEM satin black works very well. Spray a few coats of the satin until it is covered. The finish should have a smooth texture. If want a little heavier texture, after painting, hold the piece far from the can and spray in bursts. The paint should be drying little balls before it hits the panel creating a 'dry' rough surface.

    Use hot glue to set tweeter in place, then use silicone to hold it in. Once dry install in car.

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    Great writeup and the finished product looks awesome. Bookmarked.

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      Good job sir!

      YouTube Clicky!!