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INT : JDM OEM Aluminum Door Sills

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    INT : JDM OEM Aluminum Door Sills

    Parts needed:

    Kick panel / door sills from your interior (can be coupe or sedan)

    JDM Aluminum Door sills

    Screws and threaded backing plates

    Tools needed:

    Phillips Screw Driver
    Electric Drill
    3/16 Drill bit
    9/32 Drill bit

    Lets start off.

    This is what your stock oem kick panel / door sills look like (sedan pictured)

    Now with the kick panel flipped over you can see a small dimple. This dimple is your mark to where you have to drill the hole.

    If you have the door sill next to the flipped kick panel you can match the dimple to the hole of the aluminum plate.

    all dimples match to where the holes are.

    Now take your smaller drill bit which is 3/16 and drill the holes on the dimples.

    The front kick panels have 3 holes and the rear kick panel has 2.

    Should look like this

    Now you must drill a bigger hole so use the 9/32 drill bit

    Once the larger holes are drilled, now clean off any plastic from drilling.

    Now place the aluminum door sill over the top of the kick panel. The back side should look like this

    Now place the threaded backing plate of the aluminum door sill on the back of the kick panel and screw down the screw.

    Finished product should look like this

    I have had these JDM Aluminum Door sills for years. I had them in my blue cb7 with gray interior first then changed my interior to tan. Now they are on black door sills for my black interior.

    The same instructions apply to the coupe door sills. As I have those too.

    Now if you want them to shine and polish them up check out my other DIY


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    Awesome! I was thinking about buying a set of these but they are expensive $$$. But they really look classy.

    YouTube Clicky!!


      Damn That Looks Good!


        Originally posted by sonikaccord View Post
        Awesome! I was thinking about buying a set of these but they are expensive $$$. But they really look classy.

        I've had my JDM stainless steel door sills for years. I would say since 2006. They weren't that expensive back then lol.

        Originally posted by cb7jersey View Post
        Damn That Looks Good!

        I love the look too