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Electrical & Mechanical: Restoration

Diagnosing Electrical Problems
Where is ______? (locations of sensors, relays, switches, etc)
Making/Repairing a wiring harness *video*

Stereo Removal/installation
Door Speaker Installation
Removing Front and Rear Speakers (BROKEN IMAGES)
Unlocking a stock radio

Creature Comforts
Blower motor removal and installation
Removal/Replacement of blower motor
Fixed Blower Motor
Power Mirror Switch Repair

Entry & Glass
Inoperable Power Door Lock Problem Solution (BROKEN IMAGES)
Seized latch fix (door stuck shut) (SOME BROKEN IMAGES)
replacing sunroof assembly. The whole thing
Sedan Front Window Seal and Regulator Cleaning
Front door window regulator replacement (NO ORIGINAL IMAGES)
Replacing a Window master switch (BROKEN IMAGES)
Don't try to take apart your power window motor

Information Display
OEM Gauge face removal
Repairing your shifter light

Ignition Switch Removal and Install Pictures! (BROKEN IMAGES)
Repair worn/faulty combination switch
Brake Pedal Switch Fix
Increasing Rewind Tension on 92-93 Retracting Seat/Shoulder Belt

Electronics: Customization

Custom Wiring (BROKEN IMAGES)
All OEM CB & other honda switches diagrams

Audio & Video
Window Antenna
Using Rear Defroster as an Antenna
Control your antenna (VAGUE/NEEDS WALKTHROUGH)
Radio controls through cruise control switches
Satellite radio
Make Tweeter From Broken Speaker

Custom mirror tweeter pods
Tweeter Pods a la Bang&Olufsen
door panel tweeters
Front Tweeter Pods (BROKEN IMAGES)
In-Car Camera Mount (BROKEN IMAGES)
$10 in car camera mount
Camera Mount from things around the house

Creature Comforts
SWAP: Cruise control usage with 5spd swap
Cruise Control
Map light Install LX, DX, and 10th AE
Make maplight come on with doors
Permanent Power Converter
Rocker switch in handbrake console
Switches in the Center Console (NO ORIGINAL IMAGES)
INT: updated power window switch

Information Display & Performance Related
Retrofitting a New Gauge Cluster (non-specific) (BROKEN IMAGES)
custom indiglo gauges (1) (NO PROGRESS IMAGES)
Custom Indiglo Gauges (2) (LINKS TO EXPIRED PAGE)
Indiglo Gauges (3) (NO ORIGINAL IMAGES)
Changing gauge cluster illumination color (NO ORIGINAL IMAGES)
Blue Dash Indicator LED's
10 min gauge cluster mod
Reverse gauge install! (EX Models) (BROKEN IMAGES)
Factory clock into volt meter, or etc.
installing oil pressure gauge (NO ORIGINAL IMAGES)
white light up clock
clock modification (easy)
turbo timer installation (NO PROGRESS IMAGES)
Apexi SAFC 2 install (BROKEN IMAGES)

Illuminated Window Switches
LED Console Switch/button Backlight t3
Puddle Lights
COMPLETE LED DASH - including all switches
Shifter plate light converted over to LED (NO ORIGINAL IMAGES)
LED 3rd brake light
Ambient Lighting
Red Door Lights (BROKEN IMAGES)
Amber Door lights (courtesy lights?)

Hidden Alarm Remote Starter w/ Manual Trans (INCOMPLETE IDEA)
Hidden Engine Immobilizer

The Honda (& Other Make) Parts Bin
JDM Digital Climate Control
Push Button Starter (NO ORIGINAL IMAGES)
Prelude cluster install
5th gen Lude Cluster Swap into CB7 EX-R M/T (A/T Avail.)
fit a 5th gen prelude cluster into a cb7
98-02 ACCORD Instrument Cluster Gauge swap
Radio Harness Conversion (NO ORIGINAL IMAGES)
DC Integra Bigger Clock Conversion (NO ORIGINAL IMAGES)
Driver's Lighted Vanity Mirror (Retrofit) (BROKEN IMAGES)
Map light install EX and SE trim
6th Gen/CL Maplight Housing w/HomeLink garage door opener (NEEDS WALKTHROUGH?)
98 Accord maplight/sunglasses case install (DX/LX only)
Power Trunk release an OEM way
GM Dimmer/Temp/Comp Rearview mirror Conversion
Subaru OEM Foglight Switch Mod

Short Throw Shifter (1) (NO PROGRESS IMAGES)
short throw shifter (2) (BROKEN IMAGES)
installing a CB7 C-Pillar bar
P12 Install

Trim & Upholstery: Restoration
Replacing Chrome Door Handle in Interior Door Handle Assembly
Door Handle Repair
The Dreaded Door Handle!
Misaligned glove box/Light stays on (NO ORIGINAL IMAGES)
Repairing coupe rear glove box/compartments
Automatic Shift Knob (BROKEN IMAGES)
Shift boot removal (BROKEN IMAGES)
Handbrake Release Button Replacement
Polishing JDM OEM Aluminum Door Sills
A-Pillar plastic cover removal
Recover Door and Rear Deck Speaker Grilles
Repair Speaker Mesh (BROKEN IMAGES)
Headliner rewrap
Armrest Cover Templates (DEAD LINK)
Complete Dash Removal RHD CB3 UKDM Non-Airbag
Sedan Door Panel Removal
Removal of Door Panels (manual windows) (BROKEN IMAGES)
Trunk Stripping & Rear Seat Removal
Front Seats Removal
new idea for dash cleaning (BROKEN IMAGES)
Carpets cleaning and seats removing
Wagon rear hatch area carpet cleaning (NO ORIGINAL IMAGES)
Carpet shampooing without a machine/vinyl cleaning
Leather Seat Restoration
Trunk Floor
Passenger Footwell Leak Repair (BROKEN IMAGES)
Trunk leak fix, the trifecta of problems
Leaky Trunk Fix
Make your own tail light gaskets!

Trim & Upholstery: Customization

Cup Holder W/pics
Phone Mount Suggestion
Spin your own Billet accessories
Sound deadening (BROKEN IMAGES)
Fuel pump access panel
Trunk Towel Roller
Litter Bucket/Tissue Dispenser

Hand & Foot Controls
CD6 steering column swap into a 92 - 93 with SRS
SRS->NON SRS Steering Wheel Conversion
Installing aftermarket steering wheel
"Type R" emblem
Snap-On style key
Screwdriver Shift Knob
Short Shifter
CUT/WELD Short Shifter
Type-R Automatic Short Shifter
Automatic Short Shifter
Automatic to Manual Shift Knob Conversion
Automatic transmission Shift Boot *56K DIE!!!* (BROKEN IMAGES)
Aftermarket boot using oem pieces (BROKEN IMAGES)
Handbrake boot
e-brake handle replacement spanish/English
E-Brake Relocation-Console Swap (BROKEN IMAGES)
Power to manual window conversion

Hard Surfaces
Plastic polishing
Custom int door handles (plastic polishing 2)
Custom cleared switches (plastic polishing 3)
Rear view mirror modification + handmade trim pieces
Dry carbon fiber [wrap] center steering wheel and misc parts
Painting Interior Panels
Painting your dash trim
Painting your Cluster Bezel, Removing Trip (SOME BROKEN IMAGES)
Painting E-Brake Button (BROKEN IMAGES)
Black Interior Coupe Swap Door Panels
Coupe Black Interior Swap - Retain Power Features (BROKEN IMAGES)
Custom door sills
Coupe Door Sill Garnish w/ Pictures *56k DIE!!*

Soft Surfaces
Painting interior vinyl and fabric
Painting Door Panels
Black door panels (NO ORIGINAL IMAGES)
Re-Wrapping your interior with vinyl (NO ORIGINAL IMAGES)
Katzkin leather seat installation
Dye Your Carpet
headliner and domelight swap

Seats & Belts
Racing Seats Mounting (BROKEN LINK)
90-91 Manual Seat Belt Conversion (1)
manual seatbelt coversion (2)
Rear Center Seatbelt Delete (NO PROGRESS IMAGES)

The Honda Parts Bin
JDM OEM Aluminum Door Sills
9293 Center Console Armrest Install *56K DIEE!!!*
Honda Prelude steering wheel conversion on 90-91 cb
Modern steering wheel emblem (BROKEN IMAGES)
Windshield wiper/headlight stalk boots
Shift boot and e-brake lever (VAGUE/NEEDS WALKTHROUGH)
92-96 prelude hand brake cover and boot
4th Gen Prelude Shifter Conversion (VAGUE/NEEDS WALKTHROUGH)
Stock Prelude Short Shifter (BROKEN IMAGES)
Prelude Shifter, Plate, & Cable (NO ORIGINAL IMAGES)
90-93 Integra shift knob/ boot (BROKEN IMAGES)
CB7 to CD7 slushbox shifter conversion
Acura legend / Acura RL leather grab rails EX/SE only
swap cb rails onto bb6 seats
92-96 Prelude seats into 9293 CB7 Coupe (BROKEN IMAGES)
90-91 Sedan Prelude Seat install while retaining auto-belts
Acura Legend Seat Swap w/ Wiring Diagrams
CL leather seats for the CB coupe (BROKEN IMAGES)
97-99 Acura CL Seat Wiring Diagrams
Fitting RSX seats